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Wednesday, March 30, 2011



For what the average person does which is read articles on the web, watch videos online and participate in some social networking sites, a tablet is fantastic for those and offers all of the benefits you mentioned. I don't think it should be the only device in the house but it should be the most commonly used device. You also forgot to mention that they tend to weigh far less and have battery battery life. I use a notebook for when I'm doing serious work but for casual stuff why not use a tablet.

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Very informative posting. Thanks alot for share.

Shaun Duncan

Many tablets have as much power as netbooks... if your needs are simple, what more do you require?
As a random question, if you ever read this, what are the odds of google open sourcing lively... or at least the art?
When you think about it... the interface we use can be quite unnatural. A mouse is very poor for art, a touchpad moreso. Tablets have the potential to be much more useful than PC's to those who are PC illiterate, and I recall one man posting a thank you to a certain mobile device provider for finally getting him on the internet, after 80 some odd years. His barrier to entry was the mouse and keyboard. And you would be amazed at how many people have to look at each key.
All I'm saying is... maybe the things us nerds love aren't the answer. Remember, the querty keyboard was designed to slow people down.

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Tablets are great, but I still need the standard PC or laptop keyboard for writing articles...


Tablets are definetly a fad. Pretty soon there will be mini computers that control everything!


It all depends on tablets. Ecstasy tablets are for example a fad of the clubbing youth

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