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Sunday, January 16, 2011



thank you for the shout, special K.


aha! so YOU are the Special K that the b1-66er refers to. *snicker* your secret is safe. And now I have a gift card to go try out another cherry limeade. or maybe the double Oreo blast... oh wait, better not do that until after doctor visit.


Seville Jj Jackson Johnson

I don t feel the love from Sonic Drive In. Fired two friends of mine because of complaints about working conditions in kitchen. Burning of arms during cooking and no first aid kit. Sonic is now becoming an abuser of the young when roller skating accidents occur. Please re think Sonic although you like taste and menu.

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Personalizing your Burger can be so much fun when you’re @ Sonic. So, how do u top off your order? Cheese, tomatoes or bananas? :)


Add an order of cheesy tots and I'm right there with ya!

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