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Monday, February 22, 2010


Jerome Rainey

Very cool links, thanks!

Robert Konigsberg

Great, useful data.

However, I would avoid the enhanced episodes like the plague. They've given away small bits of data that is unquestionably spoiler, backstory, additional details. For example, the enhanced episode revealed what year the losties were in when they first met Jughead, rather than leave it up to speculation and fan observation. IIRC the writers have nothing to do with the enhanced episodes.

From section 3 of http://theblastdoormap.blogspot.com/2009/01/lost-53-jughead.html

3. what's enhanced about the 'enhanced' episodes?

NOTHING. AVOID THE 'ENHANCED' EPISODES AT ALL COSTS. they are sloppily written, contain spoilers from future episodes and will actually diminish your enjoyment of the story. i'm not the only one who thinks so. a letter writing campaign to ABC may be in order, or perhaps a telephone call to Met|Hodder [http://metrotv.com/main.php], the company that writes the awful things. here's their number: 818.842.4265. more on this in a separate post.

"Who cares?" says the casual fan. Yeah, yeah.

Six hours and fifty minutes to go.


Here's another one: Lost Easter Eggs. http://www.buddytv.com/articles/lost/lost-easter-eggs-the-constant-17148.aspx


so let me get this straight ... you'll talk like this about lost, but you won't even put one word about EPOTA before it happens?

man, are you ever glad i didn't know this before i sat on a couch with you for 48 hours.

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mark "the red" harlan

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