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Thursday, January 07, 2010


Chris McInnis

thanks, im currently an iphone user and look forward to future posts about this, i am i guess just waiting to see if the issues i have are fixed in os4.0 if not im definately finding an android phone of some sort

Tim Jingo

Hey, I would like to be able to search google easier. And I like googles search engine a lot better than yahoo. After I get a search results page, either I am going to click on a link or go to the next page. It gets old having to navigate my mouse down to the tiny buttons at the bottom of the screen to go to the next page. I was wondering if it was possible to make the whole white part of the screen a button to go to the next page. A huge invisible button. Got a few other ideas...


Why no more updates? Your first post on the N1 got me interested...

Did The Google tell you to stop? Did you hit an unyielding bug in Android and flee back to the iPhone? Did you just lose interest(seems likely, as your previous post was back in July).


Sorry I haven't posted more. I'm still interested, still using my Nexus One, still liking both phones. Google didn't tell me to stop. I just haven't done it. Until I get around to it, here's a cool Nexus One tip: if you're typing a word that the dictionary doesn't know, long-press the word on the autocomplete bar and it'll be added to the dictionary.

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