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Wednesday, July 15, 2009



Great post. We had a similar airport in Albany, NY that was recently upgraded to a new multi-level structure with skyways, etc. While the new building is much nicer, I still miss the old one store concrete bunker.

There is something about walking across the tarmac, and up a flight of stairs into an airliner, that I will always miss. In Albany, they'd even have skycaps hand out umbrellas when it was raining. I miss those days...

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I, too, wax affectionate about BUR, SJC, HPN, and especially ONT (the only airport ever to have been done up as a 1950s mens room, with minute tiles throughout).

But the middle years, when there are too many people and not enough seats and not enough room and not enough sinks -- not so much affection.

I will miss the old terminal at SJC, but I will mostly miss the flights that board at both ends -- can jetways do that?


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