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Saturday, September 08, 2007


Uli Kusterer

Oooooo... thanks! I'm such a fan of everything HyperCard, and Atkinson is close enough for me :-)

James Bailey

Well, those reasons and the fact that you guys couldn't figure out how to do garbage collection. It could take 30 minutes to remove a 2 MB flash card. The original device was significantly slower than the Newton which wasn't exactly a speed demon itself.


I found a magic link pic-2000 anybody got any ideal what i have found looks cool. jarheads44@juno.com

mary fallon

so what happened to the idea that telescript would create agents that help us make dinner reservations or buy stuff. i'm a writer not a programmer but I remember talking to Jim White way back in 1994 about autonomous agents that "watch what I do" (recordable) and then do it automatically (scriptable) - i know that's how companies from aggragated knowledge to amazon are feeding up - you read this, so you may like this suggestions on web sites. I expected more. Did telescript get blended into java? or are pervasive software agents already serving as vital enabling technology and I just haven't kept up?

David Velte

I am a crazy collector of all things vintage electronic. I am looking for a Sony Magiclink. It seems I can find everything but that. I am looking for the 2000 model I believe. The one that is backlit.


I have Sony Magic Link PIC-2000 up for sale. How much would you offer?


Lex, do you still have the PIC-2000 for sale? Got also any accessories, software? Let me know!

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