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Monday, July 30, 2007



The good ole days of the not so good old Colorado Rockies. I was at the last game in Denver so many years ago. I recall seeing a sign one fan brought to the game: "Peter Pan Gilbert, the fairy that flew out of Denver." I was 14 at the time and won a Beer making kit at that game, fan appreciation at its very best.


I also remember the last season in Denver, wherein the Rockies beat Gretzky's Oilers once and tied once at a sold out Big Mac. Fantastic atmosphere top to bottom. Avs could do with some fans like those.

Scott Cunningham

I remember being 17 and taken my younger brother and 2 friends to the game and feeling like we were in the big time show because this was the NHL (even though the Rockies sucked we loved them). The most memorable game was my last one when Don Cherry was coach and the Rockies where playing the Hartford Whalers who had some old guy named Gordie Howe on the team. Man even at his ripe old age of I believe 52 the man could play, and my brother just missed getting his stick. Hard to believe where we once watched hockey Invesco field now stands. Those were some great times I will Never forget the ORIGINAL Colorado Rockies!

Jim Dwyer

Best things about going to Rockies games with my family:
-Krazy George
-Buying the cheap seats and moving down
-hanging out near the boards during the pre-game skate, waiting for a Rockie to give you his stick
-post-game skates on real NHL ice
-meeting the players

jeff nigh

Whatever happend to the player named Ranniker?

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