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Thursday, March 09, 2006



Scott, I'm nominally with you on the second paragraph, because I believe that not every famous person has to live a perfect role-model life. I don't have problems with famous athletes drinking or going on party boats or whatever; kids aren't supposed to do that.

But Major League Baseball is one of the sports that drafts players - kids - directly out of high school, and starts scouting them at age 15 or 16. If drugs that assist with sports are allowed in MLB, and they draft at age 17, how can it avoid trickling down to the best young players?

Rob Luke

The biggest problem for MLB and other pro sports is choosing which drugs (performance-enhancing or not) to ban. As fast as the latest drug (like HGH) is banned, another pops up that the law-makers don't yet know about. Baseball would be better off just asking players what they're on, testing them and then publishing the results in the program.


Well its like this baseball didnt ban steroids untill the 2002 season was over and bonds broke the record in 2001 and i mean if they are going after bonds y not go after mcgwire to i mean do u not possibly think that mcgwire wasnt jucing to but the fact is it wasnt illegal when they did it the record should count.


YES. Ban Barry Forever.

He's a f*ing hypocrit, and should be kept away...



Correct link is here


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