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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Mike Zornek

Sorry to hear. I've had back pain off and on over the last few years and it just stops me in my tracks.

Hope you get well soon.


D'oh! Back pain is the worst. One time I threw my back out putting a sock in the dryer. In my defense the sock was wet, so it wasn't exactly feather light. Then I had to crawl extremely slowly to the phone to call my mom to come help me. And I was in my underwear. Moral of the story? Always wear pants when putting wet socks in the dryer. :-)


They say people who take naps are healthier. I say just go with the siesta.

Mark Dalrymple

Back problems are t3h suK. I got put on some PT, which has done wonders (I still do some of the back stretchies when it starts feeling uncomfortable in the lower back)

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