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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Dave McGary

In fact, that is at best the 3rd pop/rock bagpipe solo.

The earliest I know of is from the 1960s.
The second is from the 1970s.

Yes, I have Bagpipes playlist on my iPod...
And In the Air Tonight is there.


Don't forget the bagpipes solo in AC/DC's early hit, "It's a long way to the top (if you want to rock and roll)." Curiously, both the Church and AC/DC are Australian, which may suggest a connection, though I am buggered to know what.



you're right, the bagpipe solo does work!
don't forget the (almost as good) bagpipe solo on You're the voice by John Farnham!

bagpipe maker

I make the instrument, I hope more people will start listening to bagpipe music, so that I will make more money.

Bryan Campbell

Just heard this on the radio and realized there are some electric bagpipes on this track. Awesome tune made all the better with the pipes. I play the pipes and was trying to find the pipe music to this. I think it would be a blast to play this unexpectedly at a pub somewhere. If anyone has the music email me above.


yea i was also looking for the music for the bagpipe solo so i transcribe it to play on my bass or guitar. its a sweet song and an awesome solo. i love it.

goes very well in Donnie Darko as well...such a sweet movie. =)


Hmm... John Farnham is Australian as well...



re: UTMW - those aren't bagpipes... Marty's guitar was treated to sound like them, tho.


Big Country's hit, In a Big Country, also had a guitar treatment designed to sound like bagpipes.


I was looking for a sheet music of John Farnham - your teh voice but only the bagpipe solo. Could someone tell me where can I find It? gonzaryan@yahoo.com


I would like to find the sheet music for the Bagpipe solo as well


If anyone has the sheet music for the bag pipes - Your the Voice by John Farnham, please email me a copy.
I would be very greatfull


A set of bagpipes minimally consists of an air supply, a bag, a chanter, and usually a drone. Most bagpipes also have additional drones in various combinations.

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