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Monday, March 28, 2005



Reminds me when I saw them play a free show at Tower Records in NYC in 1998 (or maybe 1999)... that was a great show!


Hi, Scott -

Good review and pix! I was in the maze at stage right, with a partially obstructed view. It was a great show, and they were really nice about signing stuff afterwards.


Hi Scott

Great review!

Say, by any chance is there going to be an update, perhaps a PDF, to your great iPod book? It ends with coverage of the 3G iPod so includes no coverage of the great 4G iPods like my iPod Photo. Thanks.

BTW, downloaded the complete 1984 stockholder's meeting from http://www.esm.psu.edu/Faculty/Gray/movies.html (426MB) that Prof. Gray has posted on his Penn State web site along with all the dozens of other cool QT movies he's saved. He naturally gives you a great deal of the credit for saving this valuable record which is unique.


Comment: Clarification of previous comment......

Was requesting an update to "Hacking the iPod" as it ends with coverage of the 3G ipod (3rd generation) which preceeded the current generation the 4G which includes many new innovations and additions like the iPod Photo and Shuffle.


No plans for an update right now, but I do add interesting stuff to the blog at hackingipod.com every few days as I come across it. For iPod shuffle stuff in particular, check out my article at .

Is iTunes 4.6 really ancient already? ;-) After all, we're only up to 4.7.1.

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