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Monday, January 24, 2005



Hi Scott,
as we expected, the whole Server broke down this morning ;-) But all the friends of Macointosh can find the mirrored "present" through links on the main page:
Have fun...

Fred Torres

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the video! It was great to see what the 1984 introduction was like. My only question is, where in the world did your crew find a betamax player in the 21sr century? ;-)


>where in the world did your crew find a betamax player in the >21sr century? ;-)

No problem there -- I kept that too. ;-)


Jean-Marc Zuczek

Wow! Thank you so much Scott for this amazing piece of video! It gave me the chills, and quite a thrill... The only thing I saved from that long ago is my very first mac, a mac SE, which instantly consumed my very first Visa line of credit...lol.
Thank you again, and a very happy birthday to us all. :)


it's pretty wild over here - this video is trying to kill seven servers at a time ;-).


need help? i can offer a mirror for europe.
great job!


Yes, feel free to mirror and then post the URL here. Thanks to anyone who can help!


Franz Josef

Thanks for the clip - it's first rate.

Christian Aust

There's another european mirror:


Thanks for the video!

- Christian


new mirror.
for now, just a direct link to the mov file. in a few days (i hope tomorrow) i'll write something on my website for peoples who doenst arrive from here.


glad to help
just click the google ads on my pages :)


Alex Brooks

Mirrored here:


Option+Click for download to disk.


U.S. mirror here...



Another mirror is here.


There's a torrent up at:


I can't claim responsibility, but I am currently seeding ;)

C J Silverio

Torrent here as well:

Jobs is so young!



Thanks for the video. I'll look forward to more of it. I love watching this stuff - it's notable that the whole tone of the presentation is "This is SO cool.", something which Jobs kind of seems to get across even today (did you see the iTunes phone segment of his Keynote this year? He did a good job of implying "this is so NOT cool, it's ugly!"). It's great to see the guy all sparked up about something which was obviously changing the world at the time. I wonder if we'll ever see such revolutionary leaps in technology again?


Scott Waters

ScottK me old bucko! There you are!

What an interesting day to relocate you. I'm all nostalgic about the Mac finally being old enough to drink and looking forward to your blog and seeing what you've been up to since last our paths crossed.

Mucho Aloha,
Formerly of DenverTino

Scott Duensing

Thank you for the video - I love vintage clips like this one. The effort to restore and digitize it is very much appreciated. What an Insanely Great birthday gift for the Macintosh! (Punching in this feedback on my 17" PowerBook.)

George Roberts

This is great stuff!

New US Mirror:


Bill Whitacre

Brings tears to your eyes. We were ALL a lot younger then.

Streaming here:



Hi Scott,

I was just wondering, will you be making available the entire keynote? I'm 17 and a huge Mac fan. It's a little bit of history for me, and an awesome rush. Thanks!


I got a new us link up at www.applemachome.com, I also have some more compressed versions if thats ok with you.

(should be up in an hour, under videos.)

BTW, is there a higher quality version of the video? I think several people would be interested, and I dont think theres problems with mirrors.


please dont put my site on the list, I am about to reach my own limit and the site doesnt go down, I get charged a ton of $$$. Thanks!! Nice video!! Sometime I would love to see the whole thing!


OK, we're not putting you on the list. Thanks for helping out (or at least trying:)!

Randy Zeitman

On this birthday of the Macintosh I want to take a moment to remind you that you are nothing less than a hero.

A hero is a savior...a person who helps us fulfill the possibilities that ultimately give us great and joyful lives.

Perhaps the next time you're engrossed in a good comic and maybe wondering what it would be to be a superhero I do want you to seriously consider that in some important ways you already are.


Hey, I have a 4mb version for those people with slower computers and a 1mb-2mb version also, I can host those. www.applemachome.com/videos/mac/index.html

Its the least I can offer...

Again, very good video.


thanks, applemachome, I've put this up as well. Good luck!

Dan Goodes

PlanetMirror has posted a mirror of this for you, at


Hope it helps, feel free to link.



thanks, great! I've added it.

Gennaro Tangari

Hi Scott,

you did a god job! The video is beautiful! Now we want more :)

Thank you!





Would you mind emailing me to let me know what I could do to get a copy of the entire presentation? I'd like to contribute to hosting the full-length video. Thank you. -Eric


I've posted the video here; the video is on an account with unlimited bandwidth-resources (doesn't mean it won't get slow, though). This link (http://www.orizzle.com/htm/v/1984.mirror.htm) can be added to the mirrors.



Thanks, I've put you up on the list. Scott just mailed me that he's gone to bed ;).



I loved this video and love eXeem the new P2P based on BitTorrent and was horrified when I didn't find the file seeded. SO.... I've got broadband and decided to publish it on eXeem and begin seeding. Use the URL below and please HELP by SHARING it.

João Lúcio

Hi! We've posted the video on a portuguese mirror so the portuguese Mac users can see it without blowing the stupid international downloads limits some ISPs have. It's the original video with the links at the end. If you want us to make a link on the page, please tell us. Thanks!

It's here: http://www.iclub.com.pt/auditorio/auditorio_macoriginal.php

Jim Heid

Thanks for reminding me of this great video! I've posted some audio extracts of the shareholder's meeting, along with some of my own recollections from that day, here.

Happy Anniversary, Mac!

Bill Whitacre

Here's a lower bandwidth stream on a different T1:


Bill Whitacre

Whooops, guess I can't use "<" or ">"

Here's the link again for a lower b/width version:


Rob Cottingham

I'm also mirroring at my blog.

Thanks for this video, Scott. I still feel that little thrill run up my spine when I see what the original Mac could do; it reminds me of that sudden realization that the creative world was about to change forever.


A Real Video Stream is available at http://www.benjaminvigier.net/The_First_Mac.ram
it's ISDN/DSL target but looks ok on RTC too ;)

I'll soon put the QT version on an anonymous FTP


ohh by the way this mirror (http://www.benjaminvigier.net/The_First_Mac.ram) is in France ;) with lots of Bandwidth and peering links



Would you mind emailing me to let me know what I could do to get a copy of the entire presentation? I'd like to contribute to hosting the full-length video. Thank you. -Eric

I emailed him a while back and he said that wouldnt be possible.


Hey!! I could use some mirrors for the small bandwidth versions. Thanks!! Mine is still going, but I dont know how much longer (hopefully for a couple more days)


I added a Mirror in Canada: www.iPedro.com


I have more bandwidth now. I have uograded my hosting package to double bandwidth. Stick me back one :p


celebrity tube

Macintosh will be better than Microsoft.

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