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Wednesday, January 26, 2005



More! :) The work done on that old betamax ought to result in some lotus blossoms being strewn on majo's front lawen, parking lot, whatever. ;) Now if I could only find that tape that shipped with the first maps with that theme song. I wonder what they brng on eBay? If I ever find it one of the boxes with hundreds of floppies safely "stored" (sort of a misnomer) I plan to run down this neighborhood kid who will know just what to do with it. ;) More@

Mike Zornek

I enjoyed the video. Thanks for posting it Scott! I did see some of it before though. There was a clip or two of the Mac speaking and Steve smiling in Bob Cringely's Triumph of the Nerds special that was on PBS a while back when he talks about the Macintosh. I suspect they have a copy of it around somewhere as well.

I bought the special on VHS when it came out (it's available on DVD via Amazon these days), and coincidentally watched it a few days before seeing your (more complete) video.


Very interesting video. I don't know about the thing in its entirety, but I'm not sure what is meant by "lost" - I distinctly remember seeing the scrolling "Macintosh" text with the cheering crowd on a British TV documentary in 1995.

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