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Tuesday, December 21, 2004



Another opinion: here


Then there's the folks who make up really good replacement lyrics, such as the Carol of the Old Ones at http://www.cthulhulives.org/solsticecarol.html , Cthulhu Lives!


On this Christmas morning, I wish to all peoples of the world love, justice and peace. (however folks celebrate the winter solstice, Christmas, Hannukah, Kwansa, or other faiths/religions.
My love goes out to you.

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Actually, it was originally a Saturnalia tree. Trees were brought into homes in Babylon and Egypt, fastened to the wall or ceiling, and decorated with gold and silver and images of Baal and such. The practice is clearly forbidden in the bible, in the Book of Jeremiah. Many Christians are against using Christmas trees for this very reason.

So it's just as appropriate to call it a Holiday Tree. Unless you want to be technical, and call it a Solstice Tree.

None of that stuff is original to christianity. They just don't know it. I just hope that more reasoned minds can stand up to the Jingle Bullies who are trying to hold on to a turf that was never theirs in the first place.


2005 update: those who sense a vast anti-Christmas conspiracy have really stepped it up this year, especially Bill O'Reilly's odious anti-semitic comments yesterday. Newsflash: Christmas isn't going anywhere. Settle down, folks, And happy holidays to you!


Hey, as a Catholic, a believeing Christian, I am totally with you on the annoying Christmas lyrics. I work at Wal-mart and I am really offended by these "carols" when I have to take them home b/c I have heard them all day. What do I think about Wal-mart and Happy Holidays? Well, I think that if someone is Christian, you should definitely be able to say "Merry Christmas" to them. And if you know that they are a Jew, or whatever else, wish them a Happy Hannakuh. But since the majority of people do celebrate Christmas, and no one is trying to force their beliefs on others by saying it, but wishing them joy (except Jerry Falwell and crew), then why should it offend a non-Christian if they get added into the season's true and festive greetings?

Indesputeable Nonsense of a Hobo

Ok ruleing out all other political and religious affiliations Im going to have to go with the whole "Happy Holidays" deal. I mean come on, just saying "Hey Merry Christmas!" Is basicaly shunning the whole concept of the other religious holidays like Quanza and Hannukah. Then again walking up to someone and saying "Hey Happy Quanza or Hannukah!" Doesnt really show fairness to the other religions. For that and in itself is kinda saying one is better than another when really there all equall in their own right. Moving on from that, around the world there are different holidays in our wonderful month known as December celebrating memorial events of peoples past history. So now that I am done rambling I well let the public decide upon this for it is not only my efforts to change this but the efforts of all others to spread fairness among the ranks.


I spent much of my free time this year preparing an essay for a web site "Christmasrapping.com" which explores the subject of Christmas in the public arena. I tried to leave no stone unturned in my exploration of the topic. It's possible to learn much smply by being observant year after year in December. My perpective is different from the most outspoken and organized peopel who are now standing up for Christmas- the religious right. This is because I'm more toward the left, an agnostic (not a church goer) an environmental activist and life member of several conservation organizations, support women's right, civil right, gay rights, and so on. Christmas is now for the first time being touted as a strictly religious observance in a big way, and it has never been only religious. It has always been a remarkably secular, multi-cultural and inclusive holiday that many people can and have observed in different way, as well as a Christian time of devotion. Yes, there are other holidays in December. But Christmas occupies and dominates only one of twelve months. The important Jewish observances, for example, are not in December, but in the fall. I don't feel it's necessary to downsize Christmas to the extent that some people feel is necessary, for example calling a Christmas tree a "Holiday tree" That's just dumb, yet this is becoming very widespread. I've found that people often come to "Christmasrapping " with prejudices for or against Christmas. Some are really not interested in learning more about the subject, in exploring new ideas on a theme that's been around for a few years. They would rather just REACT when they see the logo . There is much misunderstanding about Christmas and it is a complex subject. I hope anyone who is interested in Christmas and in it's role in the public arena will read my essay on Christmasrapping.com. It's free and non commercial. I'm not seling anything, just sharing my research ans my ideas.


This nation (America) was found on a Catholic religion. Here is what I believe. Why should we change what we say during the Christmas time. If we americans visited a different country that did not have christmas, they wouldn't "Bend" the rules for us.

This is down and out STUPID. If you do not want to hear the word "Merry Christmas" then go back to your family roots homeland.


if you dont know the person well enough then say "happy holiday" but if you do say "marry x-mass" it should not be such a big deal.

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Hoiday means holy day AKA christmas they are the same thing. Who cares anyway, it's a positive reinforcement just get over yourselves.

I mean why can people say Happy Hannakuh or whatever and it's just them celebrating their holiday but if you say Merry Christmas your a bigot. Political Correctness is so hypocritical to the point where you'd have to ban from saying anything for it to be 'equal' for everyone so life would be all like those silent movies from 80 years ago.


A friend just told me the other day, "They say Happy Holidays beacuse they're afraid that the word 'Christmas' will offend someone, but the phrase 'Happy Holidays' offends me! So let's ban that phrase too!" Don't you see, this political correctness a pointless attemt to make society happy and content. In general, people have an attitude of self- entitlement, so they feel that if something offends them, it MUST go. I don't know about you, but that sounds entirely selfish to me.
If you don't celebrate Christmas the same way I do, that's fine. Use whatever phrase you want to when greeting someone. This generation is all about "tolerance." I don't believe in same-sex marriages, but in no way do I attack those that do. All I can do is respectfully disagree and leave them to make their own decisions and move on. That is what I am asking of others. You can respectfully disagree, but please don't try to change hundreds of years of tradition just beacuse two words make you uncomfortable.Disagree and move on- there's no real point in getting all worked up. Just enjoy this joyous time of year and celebrate with family and friends. May you all have a wonderful Christmas season!


I find O'Reilly and his ilk hilarious when they complain about stores not saying "Merry Christmas". What does Christmas have to do with stores and buying? Christmas is a religious holiday. If the secular world bugs you, go to church. If you don't like a secular society, find a religious one -- you know, like Saudi Arabia, except for Christians.


Our new "holiday list" came out at work the other day. I was looking at the list of holidays and noticed what seemed to be a new one. December 25th was listed as "Winter Celebration." Me and several co-workers were baffled and more than a little disturbed. I can be politically correct when the occasion calls for it, but this was just ridiculous. The day is Christmas, not Winter Celebration. Apparently someone didn't like it that Christmas was listed as a holiday and complained and they changed it. Ummm, since when are we allowed to change the name of a major holiday? Whats next changing the 4th of july to Summer Solstice day? ugh.

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