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Friday, November 12, 2004



I just purchased a Datarover 840 and hope to make use of it by way of my wife. I had owned a PIC-1000 in the past but was stolen. Maybe that person is still using the Magic Link today!?

I think there are a lot of users of this device out there still or could possibly be again. They just need to be organized like those of the Apple Newton, of which I am still a user myself.


I used to own a PIC-1000 a few years ago and had the phone attachment to go with it as well. I wound up giving it away to a relative and moving on to other handhelds, but the Mgic Link for some reason still holds a place in my heart. I'm tempted to buy the Datarover 840 (well, I can justify it as I do need a new telephone...) and hoping there are still more websites/blogs with Magic Cap users.


Wow! I am amazed at how many people still are using the Datarover 840. I just recently acquired inventory of DataRovers and accessories. I started using one and I too am hooked. It is much easier to use than some of the "new fangled" ones that are on the market today. I have been learning more and more about the history of this item, but one item about it still eludes me. I have been looking for the software to connect it up to a PC. Any help out there on this one?


Up until a few days ago, I was unaware the Magic Cap devices actually existed. I have vague memories of the technology from a documentary that went out on TV at least 10 years ago here in the UK, so you can imagine my surprise to see a Datarover 840 for sale on eBay. I'm an admirer of the Newton and am constantly frustrated at my Palm Tungsten T3's lack of proper coherence between PIM apps; and general intelligence, both which the Newton and Magic Cap devices possess. I have encountered one slight problem with the Datarover if anyone can help - I've been fooling around in 'Construction' mode and dropped a couple of items on the desktop... only I can't find a way to remove them... seems like it should be simple enough but I can't find a way to do it. Anyway, if the Magic Cap platform could be re-invented in a device with the form factor of a Palm, it would blow the competition away!


I just picked up a brand new Datarover on eBay and have transferred a whole pile of games, plus the web browser, over to it. Could not be happier. Now, if I could only get Pocket Quicken and the spreadsheet app that were on my old Magic Link I'd be in Magic Cap heaven! I was big fan of Magic Cap back when the first Link came out in the 1990s (bought one for $900 in Boston!!) and used it religiously.

Now I can use it all again, and at a reasonable speed and very low price. I'm thrilled to be back in the Magic Cap Universe again and delighted that these units have been made available; although it's terrible that General Magic couldn't sustain their marketplace.


Jaqueline, here is the link to the PC connectivity software:


You will need a special cable for that, and I don't have information about it, sorry.


Jaqueline, here is the link to the PC connectivity software:


You will need a special cable for that, and I don't have information about it, sorry.


Time travelling?

Yesterday I post here a comment for Jaqueline, and SOMEHOW my message disappeared. I wrote it again and it was OK. But now I came here again and I see that Lloyd wrote MY message few months ago! I can't believe...


I found a sony magic link pic1000 at a garage sale. after reading of this data rover-840 which one came first? or which one is better? Thanks bill with a magic hat but still in the dark


I have a pic-1000 and I loved it. so friendly and cool. I wish it was more functional though but now that they are on ebay for cheap I want a new one.


Just came across your block after literally blowing the dust off my old Magic Link. Actually it took more of a vigorous wipe to de-dustify it. But I made a phone call with it, in spite of dead batteries.

Did some magic cap programming years ago, and probably have the custom blue hardware interface box around here somewhere. We were going to make our phones work with Magic Links via IR.

Oh well, such is history. Anyway, I think I'll see if I can unload this on Ebay, rather than dumpster it. I don't have the space to start a museum, although it is intriguing...



I just wrote an entry into my blog about the Magic Link (http://blogs.adobe.com/matthiaszeller/2005/11/more_on_computi.html).
I still have my Magic Link PIC-2000 (the upgraded model with back light), but have not used it for a number of years. In order to re-vitalize I need to figure out if I can get it to synch with my current Outlook. Also it would be cool to develop a driver for a wireless PC Card (I have the TCP/IP stack and browser installed).


I have a ML PIC-2000 and need an instruction manual as I have tried all types of pcmcia memory cards and cannot get it to recognize them. I just bought a 2meg flash pcmcia and it won't work with it either. Help anyone?

rachel jeffries

melissa thanks for the tip about the business cards. I had no idea where to get some then luckly I came across your little tip. Really helped thanks


Howdy yall!

I have a PIC-2000 and need a power cord and the PC serial cable. If anyone knows any sources please send me an email. I can't seem to ever find anything on ebay.



I used to own a PIC1k or 2k - forget, but I loved that thing. The UI kicked arse.

I thought there used to be a Windows application to accompany/sync w/ the PIC - am I wrong? Mistaken?

Jayson Elliot

I'm thrilled to say I just bought five Data Rover 840s new in their boxes. They will be arriving in a few days.

I plan to put them on the desks of everyone at my small office if I can get them to do what I want. If they could be phone/fax/communication stations for the gang, I think everyone would have a lot of fun with them.

I see that they have two PCMCIA slots - I wonder if anyone has ever tried using a networking card in these? Regular modem speeds would be ok, but Wi-Fi would make them insanely great.

Thoughts, opinions, comments?

jerry sandefur

Have datarover with serial cable and with sram card. Unable in either manner to make connection to pc.

Also need to go wireless to check email.

Need help will pay a small fee if necessary.

not a programmer but a consumer so if it is complicated will not understand how to do it.


I still use my Magic link pic 2000 and even though I have the latest gadgets, I just can not move on without it. I have stored hundreds of contacts and email over the years. Interneting is a past thing for me but all the internal apps works well. I have used the skytel card for about a year or so until the service was not available for renewal. The other slot I Still use for the Berlitz Speaking Translator. The optional keyboard is nice. I love the companion and my give it to my son.

Tim Liao, Aliso Viejo, California USA

I lost my Magic Cap a few years ago and therefore has left a void that will never be filled. I bought mine for $900 from Frys in 1994. I had originally bought a Apple Newton but after seeing the Sony Magic Cap I knew I had to return it and get a Magic Cap instead. I think I knew somebody named Matthew Bromberg who use to work at Magic Cap - did you know him?

Z Mako

Looking for an Xchange cable for a PIC-2000. Anyone still have one?

Craig Coleman

I still have my Magic Link PIC-1000 and although it is outdated as a PDA and communicator, it had the ability to be used as a remote to control most Sony devices. Since my camcorder did not come with a remote I simply used the PIC-1000 to control it. But now I came across this site because I am about to post it on ebay to sell it, as it just gathers dust and I am looking to replace my camcorder.


Can you actually veiw pictures on the web with the 840?
I would like to veiw my website with picz of my family and I woant to know can you see them clearly on the datarover 840?

I just bought two new ones on ebay for $7.99 each with free shipping!

Ian McL

Hello, I am looking for the Magic Bus serial cable for the Datarover 840.

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