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Thursday, November 11, 2004



As a teenager working for a large chain hardware store, I once had a serious fight with an adult and, until that moment, previously polite customer who insisted that our sign advertising wheelbarrows was misspelled. "It's wheelBARRELS, you dummies!" he yelled over and over. I tried to stay polite, but he kept yelling, so I started yelling. I think he left after I said something like "Why don't you go home and LOOK IT THE HELL UP?" in front of other customers.

It's amazing I didn't get fired from jobs like this as a kid.


Hmm, $2.50 for a cookie? I knew things were pricey in California, but come on! :-)

On a somewhat related note, my local Safeway has recently added little signs to their credit card reader that say "plz use the attached pen."

There's plenty of room to spell-out "please" but for some reason the monkey who made all the signs decided it was appropriate to "spell" it this way.


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