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Tuesday, November 30, 2004



im gonna miss ya, kenny


Jeopardy made Ken lose, the show couldnt go on with him winning and winning... There would be no tourney of champions it would have been a mess... At least they made his loss GOOD TV. Perfect scenerio... One on One-- Final Jeopardy.. She answers right.. she gets question right... wagers exact amount to have him down by a dollar... and him get the question wrong... and her fake look of shock was horrible. He was probably happy to get off the show anyways... but they shouldnt keep it hidden that Jeopardy couldnt last if he kept winning. They are making the people in this country look dumb. How smart is this country?? We re-elected Bush. Enough said. Ken took his loss like a man... GOOD TV ABC GOOD TV. By releasing it before he lost probably gave Jeopardy the highest ratings ever for them. Also they bought ratings for the tourney of champions. GOOD, SMART TV. HORRIBLE DISPLAY OF PROFESSIONALISM letting him lose like that.


Well, I'm sorta glad that Ken got beat last night. Besides it was getting pretty boring because he was ALWAYS winning!!!


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