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Wednesday, October 27, 2004


thomas romer

HOOOO YEAH. no shizzy. i'm down with that all the way. this guy is the worst. i like moderate republicans… but history will look back on this president as a big ass question mark. i'm quite positive after all the partisan arguments have passed on, that historians will be scratching their heads at the idea we invaded a country that had nothing to do with the invasion of 911. like richard clarke says in "against all enemies"… "it would be like roosevelt invading mexico after pearl harbor". i pray he loses on nov 2.


When Ashcroft's federal police raided my hometown's (Santa Cruz) medical marijuana farm (for cancer patients) the (R)'s sorta lost my vote right there... the county sherrif had given the operation a clean bill of health, in accordance with our statewide medical marijuana proposition. How undemocratic is that!

I thought the Bush admin would be bad, like say Reagan I, but I had no idea they'd screw things up SO bad. If somehow he's returned to power I'll be out of the country before the inauguration.

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