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Thursday, August 12, 2004



Just a word of caution: the inevitable rules are applied in a hard to understand way. My logotype was rejected in name of the rules. It is a green background with the words THINK and HISPANIC and a yellow circle. It is visible in my site.

The denial seemed me so weird that I pursued, asking: "Are there political connotations in the word Think or the word Hispanic, or their combination? Maybe you imply that Thinking and being Hispanic is an oxymoron? Or do you believe that the name of a marketing enterprise is a political manifesto? Or are you just reluctant to the concept of thinking? Or do you honestly believe that a yellow circle on a green background can have a religious or sexual meaning [that escapes to my mind]?"

In response, I got a second and quite irate second denial based, not in the rules you mention but in:

"4. Suspension and Termination of Access

You agree that Stamps.com may at any time without notice:

A. Refuse to accept your orders for PhotoStamps service;
B. Move or suspend any part of the PhotoStamps service; or
C. Refuse to fulfill any order, or any part of any order or terminate your account and delete any content stored in your account if, in Stamps.com's sole discretion, you fail to comply with any of these Terms or if a competent regulatory authority requires Stamps.com to do so."

Tell me, is this not reason enough to go postal?

Mike A.

"No images depicting teenage or adult persons will be accepted. "
Sais it rite on their website under terms and conditions....so basically you are limited to children and dogs. What a crock.

Terryl M. Francisco

I don't want to waste your time and mine. In 1951 my Avoyel-Biloxi Indian grandmother gave me a kodak box camera for my 11th birthday. I snapped photos ad-infinitum. Each time I try to present one to a firm like yours I am informed that it is vintage. So now I am in the process of going to court to prove that the inifinitum pictures that I took and developed a century ago are mine, so that firms like yours will process them without hassling me so that I can present them as keepsakes to clan tribal members.

I thank you.

Terryl M. Francisco


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paul phillips

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Fred A


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