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Monday, August 16, 2004


Thomas Romer

i am the guy that designed tmbg.com so many years ago. the guy that drew the president heads recently made a bush tee with a little brain under glass. we have to get rid of these before he loses the election, so BUY BUY BUY! http://www.shopchop.com/bushbrains


Nice job on the web site, and the t-shirt looks cool. "Oranges, oranges, oranges and graphic design..." ;-)

Thomas Romer

i had posted the above on a few sites and didn't know that it kind of pisses off people with blogs. anyhow, i hope that the above doesn't make anyone angry and sorry if it does. while i am selling something, i was also just trying to be goofy… especially with the "BUY BUY BUY" line. i just thought tmbg fans might get into that and if there was a way to "pay" for advertising directly to TMBG fans i would.

Thomas Romer

i posted that on meta-roj blog and the guy called my office to charge me $150! while i appreciate him not wanting "ads" on his blog, i had no idea that it would make anyone ANGRY. jesus, it was in the comments area. its not like i posted a discussion.

anyway, i'm glad you dig it (certainly glad you are not sending me a bill for it).


Spam in comments is a big problem for bloggers nowadays -- real spam that's posted by robots and has nothing to do with the blog content. So people are sensitive. But I don't consider your comment spam. However, I insist you send me some oranges at once.


Thomas Romer

send me your address and i'll send you some chop stuff.

Thomas Romer

wow, look at that. he even posted it on here. jesus… can i claim ignorance or anything? wow, piss someone off at the click of a mouse and the guys out to kill you.

by the way, he wanted to charge me $150 for posting it in a comments area. i actually would have paid it if he would allow me place a real ad for the same value. but he wasn't interested in that, he was just pissed and nothing was going to redeem my awful sin apparently.

you know, what cracks me up the most is he called it very un-tmbg of me. actually, since i really personally know flansburgh - that is funny. unlike this guy, flansburgh knows how to mix business with pleasure. he is both wound up tight and laid back all at once. he would also know how to be flexible and turn a negative into a positive. that is tmbg.

he would find this whole thing to be just as funny as i do.



Thomas Romer





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