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Thursday, August 26, 2004


Buzz Andersen

Any mention of PodWorks (http://www.scifihifi.com/podworks)? I always get a giddy little thrill when I see it in print :-)...

Jerome Rainey

Congratulations on the new book! I still have a copy of your book on Macintosh programming, the one that came out just before the Mac Plus. That had the best description I ever read on how memory works in a Mac.

I'll check out the new one.

Asher Kahn Band

We have been reading blogs all over the internet about iTunes/digital downloading in hopes of finding others that share an interest in this young form of music purchasing.

Our name is the Asher Kahn Band and we recently partnered with the American Cancer Society to offer "Down With Disease: Download For The Cure".

Everytime our song "We Get Bigh" is downloaded from Audio Lunchbox or iTunes, all proceeds go to fight cancer! Its an easy way to give back.

Please consider our song "We Get Bigh" next time you are purchasing from iTunes or Audio Lunchbox.
Help us help each other.

For more info go to our website at www.asherkahnband.com

Asher Kahn Band

mike fullerton

Congratulations Scott! I learned to write software for the Mac using your books. Hmm, now I'm writing Windows software (not sure what that means :-)... Seriously, your books are great, I can't wait to read your new one!


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