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Saturday, July 24, 2004


Chris T

The Cray-2, which may appear to the layman to be water-based, was featured in one of Tom Clancy's books (Red Storm Rising?) in the eighties. But in 1975...?

Buzz Andersen

In Danny Hillis' book "The Pattern on the Stone," he discusses how the system of gates used by computer processors could be built using hydraulics (valves and pipes) instead of silicon.


The new I, Robot has a giant positronic brain that looks kinda liquidy. I don't recall that the movie told the actual substance.


Assumably a positronic brain actually uses positrons (anti-particles of electrons). When you have trillions upon trillions whizzing around in one place, they'd probably look like a liquid

Ron & Anna Winship

Can anyone give us the name of
the Water Based Computer in Geneva?
We think it was called "Zero"! IF
not we are ready to stand corrected. Those that are fans..
remember that "Zero" had misplaced
all of the 13th Century. Most of
its answers were ambiguous or
garbled! Giant Crystal Computers
could be more reliable...but maybe
"Zero" was a Crystal Computer wrapped with some type of fluid
based buffer material.

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