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Friday, July 30, 2004


Buzz Andersen

It also happens to be my place of residence (OK, not the park--actually the building right next to it). At least until the end of August, when I have to move out to make way for someone to buy my apartment as a condo. Kind of a pain, actually...


It looks pretty nice. Good dog park!

Chris Hanson

It's also right next to my apartment, but I'm in a different building than Buzz... It's been interesting the past couple months, watching them add different bits and pieces to the park, turn on the lights, turn on the fountains, tear up some of the sidewalk and put more grass in its place, and so on.

Soon the building next to it will be finished, and there'll be a few shops there too on its ground floor.


The cupertino apartments there are going condo??? That's good I guess, since those are really high-spec apartments. I remember trying to get a place in May 2000 there ... UUGHGHGHG! The website said $1800 but when I showed up they said the price was $2100...


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