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Tuesday, July 20, 2004




Japan in the 60's built out their high-speed rail infrastructure. We built 363' high penes that are now corroding as outdoor museum pieces.


As a high-tech jobs program, Apollo succeeded, I just wish the end product would have been more useful for us down here on earth. Most the useful spinoffs Space Program supporters cite would have also been spunoff from other high-tech initiatives like light-rail, alternate energy, or whatever, and who knows what other useful research initiatives were killed to put whitey on the moon.




The term "whitey" is from the GSH piece I linked to; GSH is the same guy who brought us "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised".

It's shorthand for looking at which segments of our society the space-race (and really associated military buildup) benefitted most, and the tradeoffs our society made to mount this feat of engineering. GSH's POV is interesting to me, since I find myself agreeing that our national spending priorities are screwed up and have been since the mid-60's at least.


It's also my Mom's birthday, and the same day as the landing of the first Viking lander.

There are lots of intangibles from the space race. I wonder how many kids were turned onto science and technology that might not have been otherwise (I know I was)

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