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Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Chris Gervais

I don't know...I've always thought that dinner with some of the folks on my list of luminaries (e.g.: Steve Jobs, Bono, Tori Amos...ahhh...Tori Amos, Bill Clinton) would never live up to my expectations or match the scenarios I have in my head. In a perfect world I'd have dinner with Steve Jobs and he'd be so awed by my insight that he'd ask me to run the company when he's done. Bono would be so enthralled by my deep commitment to music and rhythm that he'd kick Larry Mullen out of U2 and install me as the new drummer. Tori could do whatever she wanted with me. As much fun as it would be to have dinner with Bill Gates, I'm afraid it would just be me sitting there, spewing awkward sentence fragments of garbage with him being really bored and very unimpressed. Gee, guess someone needs to work on their self-esteem today.

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