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Monday, June 07, 2004



Not much you can do...unles you feel like suing the boss for discrimination...it is a hard thing to do and it may not be worth it...Sonic had excellent lawyers...I have met a few of them...but do what you think is best for you.

-Andrew, (Former) Assistant GM/ Co-Manager-
- Store 4302, Virginia Beach, VA-


Well, I am sorry, but it is not an unknown that a fat/ugly carhop will not make as much as a good looking/slutty carhop. Maybe females will tip the fat ones more, but I KNOW the men are pigs and will tip more to the slut.


I went to Sonic in Sherwood, Ar last night with my daughter. I ordered a Hwy 44 and a Shake. I was charged for the drink the shake and 10 cents for a straw. I'll never go back! They lost my families bussiness for life over a 10 cent straw!


I live in Columbus,Ohio and we do not have a Sonics. My family lives in a little town south of Columbus about 2 hrs. away and they have one. Whenever I go to visit my family I always get the slushes b/c they are the best I have ever tasted. My sister always asked me to bring her one back w/ me to b/c she likes them so much also. Please get a Sonic in Columbus,Ohio! My friend in Newark,Ohio said that one is even being built there. Columbus is the capital of Ohio so I think it's about time we get one.


Hi I live in north carolina and recently 2 sonics in this area have suddenly closed and no one around here seems to know why.One was in Biscoe NC doeas anyone know why? Iknow they did alot of business; there were always people eating there. the service wasn't great but I still liked to eat there.It was fairly new and one week it was there and the next, the windows were boarded up.

jordan hammond

yes. i am 15 and i would like to know if there is a possibilty of me getting a job at sonic drive-thru. please let me know.


I am having trouble getting my W2 Forms from sonic, who do I call in corporate to talk to a real person?


Laura, first check with the store you worked at to see if they have it. If you moved and did not change your address your W-2 should go to the store. If the store does not have it, call the Corporate 800 #


To my previous problem I am happy to say...I QUIT SONIC! After 2 1/2 years I am finally done with it! I do miss it sometimes, but I also enjoy my new job as a photo technician at Walgreens *were I make two dollars more another* Also since I left *I know it's not related* my sonic has slipped more into hell. It has lost all of it's fountains that had worked there any lenth of time and lost two managers. The two people they promoted are hilarious! One hates sonic more than the mangaer does and the other is a 16/17 year old pot head! HA Like that will go well..., but then again most of them smoke weed and stuff up there anyway. A surprise drug test would probaly make the news and shut the place down!

Nan Thomas



sonic in titusville florida blows out of the ass.. so does the manager. he is to young to be one and the way all of the managers treat their employees are horrible. the managers there need to be fired.

Stephen King

I work at the titusville sonic in Florida. There is alot of thing wrong with that store. I need an e-mail adress of some people that i can get ahead of. This store is breaking the child labor law. It has someone with a cast in the kitchen cooking. Thats just sick. Also our manger is 19 year old he dry hump his girlfriend in public at work with his shirt on. Also he made out with a 16 year old employe. Alot more happens there. If anyone knows an e-mail adress or somthing i would like it were i cna get him out of the store.

kaylah thomas

The titusville sonic in florida breaks alot of the child labor law. Like a 17 year old closing the store on a school night. Has 16 years with now breaks all day. The do alot of shit that breaks alot of laws. Also we have a cook that broke his wrist and he has a cast on. He is still cooking caz the manger makes him. and thats agaist the rule to make a cook with a cast to make food. Our Mnager is 19 year old. He sucks ass as it. The day Time manger rocks.


Who does someone contact if they know of a general manager stealing from a franchise store?


I called that stupid complaint line and he sucks as much as the workers here in my town. I want to EMAIL higher then the phone person! What happened was this..

I have a coupon that says this, and this ONLY: BUY ONE TOASTER SANDWICH GET ONE FREE

I ordered the sausage/gravey toaster sandwich and was told that I can not use my coupon for that. I asked why and that it doesn't say that and she said, because we don't allow the new items. HOW STUPID IS THAT! So I called the 1800 # and he said that each store can decide to accept coupons or not. I told the man that the coupon isnt the problem, its the being picky of which item when the coupon doesnt say anything about new items. He got a few more choice words and I hung up.
I paid full price for both toasters and to top it all off, it was disgusting!

Anyways, I would love the email addy if someone can find it :)


I'm astonished at how violently emotional people get about a bad fast food experience. I mean, really, folks. What do you expect? Ever worked behind the counter at a fast food or food service court?

For every bad experience recounted here, I can honestly say I've had a similar experience at a McDonald's (though rare), Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, Wataburger, Dairy Queen (frequently) and so on.

From my personal experience, I've generally come to expect good food, almost surprisingly fast service, and a nicely "different" menu from SONIC. Hell, when I got thrown in jail for a few hours for an unpaid traffic ticket, they fed me a (tasty) Sonic hamburger for lunch (this was high-dollar jail food, according to the folks I was sharing a cell with. Being selected as "the best prison food to all hour collective experience" must be some kind of mark of distinction, to add to the long list of awards on the web site.)

I understand how frustrating it is not to get what you wanted, or to have to deal with rude or deliberately stupid people. You get 'em in corporate jobs, too, I'll (un)happily tell you. Just like a-holes. Everybody's got one, and some got two. You gotta watch out for the ones that have three.

The best way to deal with the consistently low-quality or poorly managed restaurant is - to report it to the corporate complaint hotline. The franchises are held to contractual requirements to uphold corporate policy and procedure, and if they're not, they can lose their francise. So - complain, and not only will you be compensated, but you'll also help Sonic corporate weed out the underperforming managers, stores, franchisees.


A little over a year ago I posted on this blog stating how much I love sonic and wished people would stop complaining...As a current sonic employee i see firsthand the mistakes and the attitudes customers deal with on a daily basis. I work at a sonic in the South and I must admit the working conditions are ridiculous, everybody is cursing everybody out (managers included) there have been fights amongst employees and amongst employees and customers. This sonic is like a really bad reality show...would make for excellent tv. We have old men preying on underage girls, people inappropriately displaying emotions,manager/worker nonprofessional relationships (you know what I mean) We have drunks, addicts and dealers where i work. And it seems that the only people that care about there jobs are the people who are working towards something better...it's sad. They seem to promote the most unprofessional people to management, one manager dresses as if she is going to the club when she is supposed to be at work...Another adjusts himself frequently, another grabs the young girls in store inappropriately and smokes in the inside restroom...disgusting. I mean you don't need to be the most intelligent person to manage a fast food eatery...but must you continually rely on jackasses and pervs to do it for you. We have employees stealing from the location and from their coworkers. The worst case of favoritism ever... It is just ridiculous! This place is a damn joke. The only good thing I have to say about sonic is that the pay is good. So on that note: Thank you for choosing Sonic, where the food is not just good it's Sonic Good...haha


I was wondering if anyone knew what type of ice machine sonic uses?

Tammy Vinson

I live in Paducah, Ky and the sonic here on Lone Oak Road is great.. I am doing the charity drive for relay for life for Lourdes Hospital and they have donated a case of french fries for the cause.. I think that is so great for them to be a part of this organization.. Thanks Sonic.
ps. fresh fruit lemon berry slushes are the best drink especially when you get the extra strawberries!!!!! my favorite drink


Does anyone remember the plastic animals you used to get with a Sonic Drink? They would hang them on the side of the cup. If I would have known I would have saved mine. Now I cant seem to find anyone who has any of them or even anyone who remembers them. The most common one was the monkey with the curley tail but my favorite one was the garaffe with the really long neck. If you remember them or know anyone who would like to sell their collection, plz post here. thanks


How do they make those strawberry slushes or fruit drinks?



yo yo yo
when yall gon get a damn sonic up in dis joint??!
we been waitin fo that shizz fo so laaannnggg

get it to us yooooooo

aight im out
tupac fo lyfe


OH MY GOSH! goodness grief i COMPLETELY think thats a great idea bobo. WE NEED TO SPREAD THE SONIC LLOVE! come stay with us here in Alabama! we'd love to treat you to a sonic cherry limeade (my personal favorite!)

sending kisses your way!

LOVE, mary lou higgins

billy ray

now i really don' know what y'all is talkin bout. cause i have NEVER and i mean NEVER had a bad sonic trip. and let me tell y'all i mean to every damn sonic in this freakin' U S of A. I mean all up through AL, down thru TX...so don't y'all be coming up in here in complainin about every damn sonic on the block. do y'all realize how hard those sonic employees work...i mean try turning out 3000 coneys a day...just try it. y'all are a disgrace...SONIC LIVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We absolutely LOVE Sonic and have been waiting for years to get one down here in South Florida. Well they finally opened one last week right down the street from our house!!!! We are so excited. It has been packed everytime we drive by. Many of the people coming had never even heard of a Sonic, but now they know what they've been missing. And for the record - I've never had a bad experience, either.


I love Sonic but the food at the Round Rock, TX N Mays location leaves a lot to desire! It doesn't matter what time day or night whatever you order won't taste as good as any other Sonic. Chain food should be the same at every location but this one is one to skip. I've complained but there has been NO improvement in the quality. The food is not hot, not fresh and the tots always taste like they've cooked them in old grease or maybe they've cooked them with the chicken. You can never tell what you'll get but whatever it is it won't be tasty.


BRING BACK THE APPLE PIE BITES....it's the ONLY reason I visit Sonic in March!

Ella Hunt

Had a bad expierence around three this afternoon in Brandon Fl. Stopped and got out to eat at the picnic area. Pushed the button to order and after waiting ten or more minutes with no answer went over to a employee who seemed to be having a cigarette break and asked if the buttons for service were not working? She shrugged her shoulders didn't seem to know , continued smoking . Never offered to check. Needless to say we left and ate elsewhere. Poor service and disinterested worker.


This is a comment on a post made by andrew on December the 10th. Although the reasons you gave for the difference in menus at Different sonics is possible I don't feel that it is correct. The reason for the diffrenet menu items is due to location. Each Sonic has its own Coop that decides what goes on their menus for their regions you can have 10 or more stores or less than 10 depending on your DMA. It isn't just simply because they are haveing trouble with there POP's


i live in mass. and im going to the sonic they just opened in pa. thats the closest one to me. You ppl who talk trash about it why every place like burger king mcDonalds wendys that all make mistakes whats wrong with you. why becouse you had a problem with an employee or a manager suck it up. JUST DONT GO BACK THERE AGAIN PROBLEM SOLVED. YOU PPL WHO BASH IT YOU ALL SHOULD BE SO LUCKY TO HAVE ONE. UE HERE IN THE NORTHEAST WELL WE DONT HAVE ANY. SO SHUT UP STOP COMPLAING AND DEAL WITH IT. YOU FREAKING HICKS.


HELLO i work at a Sonic in TX & i just wanted to say i love my job. It couldnt b better!i do agree with Keri though. I hate when customers see me busting my ass to do wutever i can to please them and they r rude in return becus there food wasnt right...DONT TAKE IT OUT ON ME im not a DAMN cook and im sorry if we mix up orders sumtimes its a common mistake ONCE again Keri is right DONT come back losing a rude customer is fine with me becus there are plenty more that i would love to serve :)


Ah! I live in northern NH, I think the closest sonics are in PA and Michigan or something ridiculous like that. I see sonic commercials every time I turn on the tv. They break my heart. My friends and I have been talking for ages about road tripping to sonic and white castle.
I think there's enough interest in new england now to build some Sonics, any idea if that'll be happening sometime soon??


PS! I was just looking at the menu. Why on earth is there a single onion ring on every salad?

Melissa Hotz

I must say I absoultly LOVE Sonic Drive In! My very first job was as a car hop at Sonic in Smyrna, TN. Several years later after I was married I got a part-time job at the Sonic in Bellevue, TN. I think it's a great place to eat and work. Now my husband and I install camera surveillance for businesses and our company has installed more than 60 at Sonic Drive In across the state of Tennessee! If you are an owner of a sonic that does not have surveillance , please contact me about a demonstration of our digital system! melissaicu@gmail.com


hey katrina, the trip to sonic was so worth it to me. We didnt just go to Pa for sonic we went to hershey park. But a 7 hour trip was so worth it. As far as white castle goes. we went 2 yrs ago in nj. Trust me save your gas money go to walmart they sell them in there and try it that way. Its only a very small and i mean small. you could rat 100 of them and not be full. so take the trip to sonic. and avoid white castle..




Yinz are finally getting one dahn dare
(from http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/business/realestate/s_522688.html)
"* Construction is under way for Pittsburgh's first Sonic Drive-In at the Village at Pittsburgh Mills in Frazer. Sonic, which offers made-to-order fast food, is a franchise operated by Brain Ferraccio. North Strabane, Washington County, supervisors have approved a preliminary site plan for a Sonic on Route 19."


We also have a sonic in our little town( Okemah, OK.) It is wounderful, we stop there almost daily. Every time we recieve our order, we have to check and see if our order is complete. We drive less than a mile from sonic to our home. By the time we get home our fries are so cold they are usually mixed between ice cold, cold, and uncooked. along with a few cooked and partially hot ones. and dont even think of looking in the bag for a peppermint. cause its not gonna happen.

Jim McMillion

I have had experiences at 3 Sonic locations. The first was in Knoxville Tn.the second in a suburb of Cincinnati called Landen and the third in Portsmouth Ohio.The total number of visits must be 50 or 60 times. My family and I enjoy the food the service and the prices very much. A new Sonic just opened about 25 minutes from where we live and we are going to visit it today for lunch. I know it will be as great as our other experiences have been. In a word,Yummy!


Have you ever thought that the employees have problems with the
customers? Have some compassion


I was in Oak Ridge Tennessee last Saturday night (September 22nd) and we were staying at the Doubletree Hotel across the street. South Illinois Avenue

I was part of a group of 6 people, all couples; we had a busy day so we were not eating dinner till late. We walked across the street and arrived at Sonic around 11:15 p.m. Two of the couples had never visited a Sonic restaurant, so they were looking over the menu as me and my husband ordered. The next couple ordered from the same menu display and when it got time for the 3rd couple to order, they were informed that they would have to order at the Drive Through. NOTE: We were a group of 6, all together placing separate orders. The restaurant was not busy and we were not even in a car.

I guess my third set of friends were supposed to walk up to one of the drive through and order and wait their on their food (without a car) while the other 4 were waiting at the tables up front. We complained to the manager on site and she said it was their policy. I definitely understand policies and procedures, but you have to use common sense too. My friends felt singled out and discriminated against. Since we were a group of 6, the order should have been taken-- it was only about 2 minutes after 11:30. The entire group was so upset with the Manager's attitude, that we cancelled our orders and ate at the Waffle House down the street.

sonic employee

If you would like to talk to someone about your experience at a SONIC® Drive-In, please call this toll-free number, 1-866-OK-SONIC (1-866-657-6642). Operators are available seven days each week from 8:00 a.m. to midnight, EST. This toll-free number is provided exclusively by SONIC Franchisees as owners and operators of SONIC Drive-Ins. Believe me, SONIC corporate wants to know if a drive-in is subpar in quality and performance. They can't fix it if they don't know it's broken! Call them..,

keith kline

i've rode to several sonic drive-ins within about 100 miles from home, and some out of state. all good. the one sonic that stands above the rest, is the sonic at centrailia, illinois. they are very biker friendly and nice. I was sitting there one night, trying to hide out from a storm coming in and too late to try to outrun it. I moved my bike to the south side of the building and under the awning to try to keep my bike from getting wet. the manager came out and said I could park my bike up by the big window by the door and under the main awning. how many places do you go to , that would treat you like this? centrailia sonic rocks!!

Non - Mikey fan

10-03-2007 5:30 PM: My mother and I drove into the Sonic stall to order. We were unfamiliar with the menu and buzzed to ask questions. Worker 1 answered our questions and asked if we would like some more time, I said yes.

Once we decided what to order, Worker 2 “Mickey” (girl) took our order. When I asked what size of drink was the “Sonic Size” she said “large”. I asked again with an example of what I was inquiring about (i.e. 32oz or 44oz) and she repeated in a louder voice “LARGE”. I just accepted that as the ‘size’ and tried to finish ordering. Mid way in the order I asked another question and she didn’t answer. I then decided to have her repeat what I had ordered thus far. Once she repeated the partial order I said “I would also like…” and she talked over me with the price of the partial order. I then repeated, “I would like to finish the order.” and got no reply. When I buzzed again, she came back on and said “I GOT THE ORDER ALREADY!”

I then entered the store and asked whom was the lady that took my order. “Mickey” roller skated up to me and with her face being 2” from mine said “I did!” I proceeded to tell her that I was not finished and what she did was rude. Her reply was “I’m do busy for this $#it!” and skated off. I asked to speak to the manager and requested the number of the franchisee owner and the corporate office. He handed me what I asked for and I returned to my vehicle.

Worker 1 came out with my food and apologized for Worker 2’s attitude. I then asked if she was always like that of which she replied, “Most of the time. But no one has ever come in to complain.”

Bottom line: My mother and I did not deserve to be addressed as we were over the speaker. I did not deserve to be talked to the way I was by “Mickey” within the store. At this point, I will never patronize this Sonic store again! May I suggest ‘customer service’ training along with spot checks with ‘secret shoppers’ to keep score of how your customers are treated.

Sonic Franchisee

Non-Mickey Fan:

As a partner in a medium sized Sonic Franchise I will apologize for your experience. I will let you know that each Sonic store is mystery shopped on a regular basis and scores are sent to each franchisee. Unfortunately, sometimes things slip through. My advice would be to call the complaint line so that you are sure that the Sonic Corporate office, owners, supervisors and managers are all aware of your encounter. The difficult part of staffing these drive-ins is that the car hop position is perfect for the local teenager who isn't always mature enough to appreciate their position or capable of implementing proper customer service. Should they be employed? Probably not, but in smaller towns the barrel isn't always very deep. Hopefully your situation is addressed properly to ensure that you will visit Sonic again.


I find it hard to believe you are a
partner in sonic and you are saying that it is acceptable to employee sub par employees because
it is a small town. I manage a sonic in a very small town and i can tell you right now if that was my employee she would be fired so fast it would make her head spin i dont care if i had to put on money and carhop myself. I dont believe i would have to though as i have plenty of applications with people wanting a job. I would say the reason this employee is still employed is because the current mangager just does not care about his store enough to manage it properly.

All bout Sonic

Well my husband is a partner in a very small town, and I can't tell you the amount of times he's fired carhops on the spot for simular things, and yeah he ended up with a wallet and changer, and he yet again missed his son's bedtime. As of right now, we are on day 6 that my son has not seen his father, due to inept employees. He took over as partner not to long ago and from what I hear around town, the former partner was a piece of work, and ran the reputation into the ground. Not all sonics are the same, not all partners are the same, and not all carhops are the same, if you have had a bad experience, give it a second chance, you may be surprised. Oh and my daughter is a carhop, one of the best as far as I can tell, never had a complaint.


Can somebody please confirm the rumor that a Sonic is finally coming to the Detroit Metro area. Come on' for crying out loud aren't we one of the fattest states in the Country? We'd keep this place rocking.

If not, I beg of you please find someone to bring one our way!!

All about Sonic

My husband, who was just at Corporate headquarters last week says, yes indeed they are opening a Sonic in Detroit, but he didn't think to ask where or anything else. You would think a man born and raised in Detroit would ask such a thing.


I've decided after today I'll never go there for food again. They're utter ripoff artists. I ordered the big cheeseburger combo which was supposed to be 5.99, it was 6.67 with tax... I found out they charged me 30 cents because I ordered ketchup and mayo on my burger. Who the hell thinks paying 30 cents for some ketchup is anything but a way to rip people off?

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