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Monday, June 07, 2004



I live in Jackson, TN. I have been to everyone of the Sonics here in town. I always get the bacon cheddar toaster. I know it sounds like I am whining, but I never get an onion ring on my toaster. In fact, the last ten times I went, they forgot them. Is it hard to throw an onion ring in the frier and put it on the sandwich since it is supposed to be there?
Not to mention, two of them, the one on parkway and the one on north highland have the rudest people and here lately have been burning the food.
I love Sonic and really enjoy the food, as long as I go out of Jackson to get it.


I would like a sonics right here in south florida.we get the commercials all the time.but we have no sonics anywhere near us. i live in broward county.i never even tried sonics before.I would like to see what all the fuss is about. thank you. kevin in florida.


I see that there are a lot of upset guests on here. As I have said before, there is a phone number to call : 1-866-GOSONIC, As the partner Jason said, "..if we don't know it's broken, we can't fix it.."

So please helps us out Sonic loving guests!

-Andrew, Associate Manager, Store 4302
-Store #757-306-0531


the sonics i used to work at, in powell,tn was awful after danieal took over.hes the kinda mangaer,if you complain about something he wont listen to you.he stopped having pest control come and there were mice and bugs all over!and he hid the number to corprate so we couldnt find it anytime we needed it! he doesnt do anywork he sits on his fat butt all day and hes always late to work!


Every customer is worth a mint. The meaning is several things. Repeat business, sales, word of mouth advertising. If a customer has an issue with their Sonic please call the drive-in first. If you don't recieve satisfaction, call the 1-866-goSonic line.


I can honestly say that the sonic in Evanston Wy. is the worst. My wife was a manager there when one of the other managers started using racial slurs my wife spoke up because she was offended. when she talked to the G.M. she was promptly fired. after that we went there to get a simple lime rickey. it was wrong. no grape. the person working at the window told the car behind us in line that we were assholes for complaining then proceeded to flip off my wife several times. a few days later my wife walked in to her job and was pulled into her boss' office about rumors that she embezzled thousands of dollars from sonic. we have called the complaint line. they always say that an "area supervisor" will call us back within 24 hours. its been 2 weeks since the second call. is there any way to get ahold of someone higher up? could someone let me know please?




I cannot give you any phone numbers unfortunately. However, your wife being a former manager should have the numbers to the area supervisor and Regional Director of Operations. I would suggest contacting the Human Resources Department in the corporate office. E-mail me for any more questions or concerns.

Tax varies from state to state, all I can tell you is Virginia's is 10.5%. So a %.99 item would be $1.09. Most of the systems are the same from store to store, but as I said, tax varies from place to place. If you can find out how much the tax rate is, I can give you more information.

-Andrew, Associate Manager, Store 4302
-Store #757-306-0531


Wed 4 May I stopped at Sonic Near I 30 at exit east of I 430. Made my order at approx 7:10 AM at 7:30 after waiting 20 min with no food I "buzzed" them again and said sorry order would be right out. At 8:00 AM I again "buzzed". This is after I saw at least 15 other cars come and go. Again said it would be right out. At 8:10 a Carhop came by and asked what I ordered, stating that only one person was there until 7:30 All fine and well! My complaint is that they could have told me this to begin with and I would not be a EXTREMLY DISSATISFIED CUSTORMER. This Sonic is at the Top of my avoid at all costs list. And will recommend that it be at top of your avoid list also! That is unless you arrive at 8:00 AM and order Lunch then they may have it out by 12:00 noon unless of course your order is lost.

happy jack

mr. naster,

thanks very much for sponsoring the sonic blog -- i'm surprised you don't make it fancier or something (what kind of a sonic employee are you, anyway?).

yesterday my mom and i stopped at the sonice in security, colorado (after a lovely day at a chihuly glass exposition in the springs). i ordered my typical fresh fruity slushy and they brought a free carnation out for my mom for mother's day.

don't see that at a&w, eh?


My husband and I just returned from the Sonic Drive in at 71st/Yale Ave., Tulsa OK. We tried their new "Tuscan Chicken Sandwich". My husband did not like the flavor as well as it was so sloppy. We are usually are very happy with their meals, but we both think they should throw this one out and bring back some of their other one month at a time specials. We left feeling very disappointed and our appetites were not fulfilled.
We tried calling the location when we got home and the lady that answered was rude, she said she just didn't have the time to take our call and then hung up. We called the two different numbers 1-800-GOSONIC & 1-866-GOSONIC, never was able to speak with anyone, the 1-866 said it was not a working number. We haven't even been able to locate an address for the main headquarters to write a complaint. I'm not sure if they don't want complaints or they are ashamed of the items they put out there.
The best thing they have come up with is for us diabetics is the Diet-Cherry Limeade.
As for their commercials, they need to bring back the two guys, they are a class act. This new couple are stupid and boring, thank goodness for the mute button on the remote.

Thanks for listening to my gripes and complaints.


i am trying to locate sonic drive-in hats and shirts to be used as prizes in my fortieth birthday party trivia contest. i worked the fryer at a sonic in spring, tx some 24 years ago. any ideas on how to get such items?


The only easy way you would be able to receive Sonic shirts and visors would be to ask a local Sonic if you can purchase them from that location. The request is very different and may be difficult for you to receive the uniforms. I am sure someone can accommodate you in some form and fashion. Alos let it be known that it takes a good two months or so for most uniforms to come in.

-Andrew, Associate Manager, Store 4302
-Store #757-306-0531


the number is not GOsonic it is 866-OKsonic


Mr. Naster.

I too am disappointed at your slovenly blog. This is no way to represent the proud Sonic corporation. Sonic management should fire you.



Where does it say he works for Sonic?


I'd like a double hamburger with no onions, a medium fries, and a Coke, please.


Is it too late to change that to a cherry limeade?


This is pretty durned funny. All the folks who think this one post is a sonic blog........ hah!


I love our Sonic here in Cocoa,FL 95% of the time. Like all fast food chains sometimes the orders get mixed up but I have had 2 very unpleasant exp. lately. One
night I waited 20 minutes in the dreive-thru
just for a drink. I was blocked in. I finaaly got up to the order board and after another long wait fianally just pulled up and the people in the drive thru window were just full of lame excuses. (they did not have anyone manning the drive thru all the time. Then today I tried 1 waitress and menu boards and no one would take my order.
I finally got the kids up from the table anf had to go thru the drive-thru. I complained and the girl was just going on about being shorthanded and wasn't anything she could do about it. Oh, they managed tp take 2 other orders at the walk up menu board after I had tried and yes I pressed the button, more than once. I called the 800
number after finding on this site. I sure couldn't find it on the Sonic site. Hope they will get back to me. I will still go back to our Sonic,my kids and my Dad love it but that staff needs a refresher course and need to schedule more help on the first day that school was out. Whew I let that steam out.


why havent they put any sonics in new england area we always see tv ads for them the closest one to me is in ohio and im in massachusetts


Hey Sonic fans -- the fun continues here.


I live in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I have to have a sonics bannanna shake. Where is the nearest Sonics to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Please help.


When a place of business treats me,its customer, badly I give them 2 chances. If the 2nd time is as bad as the 1st, I don't go back for a year, if its bad after a year I never go back After that long a period with no improvement, it is obvious that the attitude of the individual restaurant is a direct reflection of the attitude of upper management, and will not change no matter how many complaints are received. I choose to drive past and spend my money where I am treated well. Another thing - when talking to managers many become defensive rather than proactive when presented with complaints. A complaint should be noted and the manager should NEVER blame the customer, the validity of the complaint can be decided after the customer has been treated with absolute respect. Managers who know their employees are able to tell when a complaint about an employee is vaid. Managers would also do well to remember that each Sonic is built because of customers, not vice versa.

The advertising campaign was designed by idiots. The message is let's go to Sonic and have a bitter argument over greasy food. Yum. It is offensive.


Sonic just keeps getting worse. In the last few months I have had several bad experiences. Last wedensday night we went to one local Sonic in Pueblo, Colorado. We pulled in at about 10 til 8. The ticket says we got our order at 8:32. That's ridiculous. All we ordered were Banana Splits and drinks for 2 people. When they finally came they looked like junior Banana Splits. We made a comment to the server and she said "well they can oly weigh so much". My friend picked up his cell phone and called the number on the menu board. After waiting almost 20 minutes someone answered and took his information. She assured him someone would call him. this is Sunday and nothing. There is no contact information on there website. I am convinced they really don't care. I will NEVER go back!



Your Carhop is correct in the fact that "they can only weigh so much..." The fact is that if Sonic or any food establishment wants to keep a food item at a certain cost, then portion control must be kept. If not, the prices will rise and the guests will suffer. The time issue most likely was due to the amount of other guests at the location. If there are twelve other cars on the lot, then your order may take longer than normal. Also, the size of the order does not determine the orders delivery time, the time that the order was placed determines that. However, if it was drinks only, then the order would go ahead of a few other orders. I do understand though that forty minutes to wait is a long time and that issue needs to be addressed at that location.


I forgot to leave my info.

--Andrew, Associate Manager--
--Store #4302, Phone #757-306-0531--


HELP! My daughter has lost a Sonic toy that had become her favorite. It's a little yellow ferret that originally came in a "cage keychain". Do you have one or know where I can get one?

She's heartbroken. Please help.


Could you please tell me when a Sonics Drive-in will be coming to western Pennsylvania? I live 25 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. Our road trips are usually made once a year because the closest one is 175 miles away. Please help!!!!!


I live in New England and I want to eat at sonic, but i dont think there are any nearby, or less than 2 hours away!
SO can anyone help me also, i want to make a cookie dough blast but i dont know how to what is in one and how would you make one?????????????


Sonic only goes up as far as Virginia, also Ohio...so there will not be any new Sonics up their anytime soon...I would say at least two years before they even consider it.

-Andrew, Associate Mangager, Store #4302
-Store # 757-306-0531


Is there a corporate website or phone number to where I may lodge a complaint to? The Sonic location was:

(757) 427-9601



I was shocked to see this message. The Sonic you are referring to is one very close to my store. I will also add that they have a great record and I support any Sonic, especially those in my city. I hope that your complaint is not too serious because I would be very disappointed in them. I do not want this message to sound like I am the area manager or something...but do understand I take great pride in my work and I am very dedicated to Sonic. Here is the number you can call...: 1-866-OKSONIC
If there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know. My email is: scienceemperor2@aol.com


Oops...forgot my information again...hahaha.

-Andrew, Associate Manager, Store 4302-
-Store #757-306-0531-


I to am employed with Sonic. I have been with the company for 4 years and hold the position as Operations Manager and slowly but surely GM in training. VA is my hometown but I currently have been in NC for 4 1/2 years. I'm glad you take pride in your job, I do as well. The e-mail I sent you, explains the bad service my family and I had recived. It was way below Sonic standards for an employee like my self from another state to make a complaint.

Marco deese

Hello, my girlfriend andI have been seeing your sonic commercials on cable tv and would love to try it. Can you tell me if there's a sonic in Hollywood CA? Thanks!!!

Marco deese

Hello, my girlfriend andI have been seeing your sonic commercials on cable tv and would love to try it. Can you tell me if there's a sonic in Hollywood CA? Thanks!!!

Nun O Yurs

What's the number for the Sonic Radio request line? I work at a sonic in AR and wanna request a song for a co-worker but I'm not there right now so I can't listen for the number. I looked on the sonic web site but it doesn't say.

Nun O Yurs

BTW I wondered if many of the sonics being complained about have drive-thru windows. I think the drive-thru is ruining sonic service. Beyond that I think it's retarded to have one considering the whole place is a drive-in. If you don't want to wait or it turns out you forgot your money you can call in and say so and/or leave without waiting till you aren't "trapped" anymore.


build a sonic in san diego,CA!

Jack Sanders


hows it going ive been reading a few of the complaints here and it is a great platform to voice complaints. Sonic has always been a really fun job to have. I appreciate Andrew for making sure all of these questions, and complaints are getting worked out with our guests. As a General Manager of Sanger Texas you give those Sonics with "bad Experiences" a second chance

Thanks Again

Jack Sanders

Sanger Tx. #4298


the fact that there is no phone number given or somewhere to complain on sonic's official web site only confirms my thoughts that sonic does not care in the least about thier customers. i will starve before i ever spend another penny at thier crappy stores. cooked fresh to order my ass. i think they just throw stuff in your bag from other orders they've screwed up along the way and just hope you go for it. the screw ups on orders and barely warm food and limp french fry incidents are to numerous to tell about,tonight was it for me.never ,ever again. yes i've talked to the manager, it's hopeless and not worth it. the store is in castroville,texas. i will say in hondo my husband and i pulled in right before closing,got our food and were eating and they turned off the lights,locked up and went home and left us in the dark. good thing we didn't want dessert,and good riddance,too.


The owner and manager of the Sonic in Carrolton VA are both jackasses! they treat employees like dogs and are very childish, Keith the manager called my daughter a punk and told her she was being childish because she wrote her resignation down and didn't tell him in person. He told me she was a liar today when i called him to question him about why she was scheduled to work today when she requested off on Wednesday. I told him I had a call into Ian and Keith said it doesn't matter what employees say they won't believe you. Ian called me back and was a jerk off and said there are two sides to everystory. I said so you believe him and nothing my daughter said? he said yes! I ask him who his boss was, he said he didn't have a boss, he owned 4 locations around our area. I ask him didn't he have to answer the Corp. for anything? He said no. So if you keep letting people own franchises then you need to keep a tighter reign on them. They are making a bad name for Sonic. I will never go back to Sonic and I am telling everyone I come in contact with about how they treat people. I told one of my friends and he said he had a problem with the Sonic in Hampton and he tried to talk to the manager and the manager just walked away. I bet Ian owns that one too!


The number to call and register a complaint is 800-569-6656. I is the number under franchise information section on the website. But tell them why your calling and they will send you to the customer service line.


This blog makes me giggle.
Honestly, Mr. Andrew, do you sit at work and answer these? Or do you jack off to Sonic in the comfort of your own home? Such frightening customer service passions warrant a stay in a mental hospital, I believe.

Larry Autrey

I went to the drive in at Poteau, Oklahoma today and waited for over 30 minutes for my order. Everyone coming in after us were getting their orders and leaving. We asked to see the manager and she came out. We told her the problem. She said you havnt been here that long and got hateful with us. So we told her to cancel our order and that we would not be back. Lost a custermer.


Yesterday, my husband, son, and I ate at Sonic in Green Forest, Arkansas. I ordered a hamburger, with no onions, and mustard. I am not sure what it was that I got the first time, it had CHEESE...several slices.... and two patties, with something besides mustard in the middle. He sent it back, well, I got CHEESE...yet again. By this time their food was getting cold. This was after they didn't bring the entire order, they had ordered tater tots and onion rings, along with their other food order, which they did not bring. The food was horrible. I didn't even eat half my hamburger because I HATE cheese burgers. That was my entire meal. Good way to loose weight, and I don't actually need to loose weight.
The service was also terrible. The car hops were eating while they were filling orders. It took them forever to answer when my husband pushed the button for service. They actually took care of several before us, and we were there much longer than they ahd been. This is terrible service and Horrible food


When is Sonic coming to s. florida? I am dying to try a burger

Heidi :-)


Stopped at Sonic for a quick bite in Gravel Ridge, Arkansas on 8/14/05. Ordered the chicken strip dinner, opened the box and first thing noticed that the onion ring was about the size if a half dollar. Then noticed that the chicken 'strips' were actually nuggets. I had a total of about 12 french fries in the box. I called the car hop back out and told her I wasn't paying $4.59 for this. She said the chicken was the 'normal' size. Funny, the strips sure were a lot larger two weeks ago when I got the same thing. No offer to replace them with 'normal' sized strips... so I just got my money refunded. When Sonic first introduced chicken strips a few years back, they were very generous in size. I noted a year or so ago that they had shrunk by about 50%. But nugget-sized strips? Give me a break. Their cost-cutting has gone too far.


where are all the sonics in new england im waiting????????

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