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Monday, June 07, 2004



Yup - the drive-thru that became the first Sonic is about an hour from here, in Shawnee, and corporate headquarters is still in Oklahoma City. They serve the entire menu all day (including burgers in the morning and breakfast at night), too.

The limeade is good, but the cherry limeade is better. The onion rings are better than the tater tots, too, and the burger of choice (for meat-eaters) is the #2.

Also, Sonic posts its full nutritional information online. Although no fast-food is really "low fat," you can ask them to hold the 'low-fat' ranch dressing on the two chicken wraps and save 15g of fat. Onion rings are lower in fat but higher in carbohydrates for those who care about such things.

Cherry limeade, though, Scott, I'm telling ya.

Sharon Berkson

Here in Tucson we have about 8 or so Sonics to choose from. I like the #2 burger choice with fries and a root beer.


Matt, I heard from a Texas friend that strawberry limeade is the way to go. I'll try one or both the next time I get a chance.


I am originally from Oklahoma and grew up with Sonic. However, I live in Southeastern Indiana and the closest Sonic is 1 hour away. I would like to see Sonic put a Sonic in our area. I a 40 minute drive we have three Riverboat Casinos along the river and it would be a great location for a Sonic.

The towns in which it would probably be best are either Aurora or Lawrenceburg. However, I live in Rising Sun, IN with a population of the entire County of only 5500 and I would love to see one here. Why not look at this area - it would be great!!!


I live in miami what is the closest sonic

Robert Price

I live in Los Angeles CA What is the neerest Sonics Drive In to me?


To find your Sonic, click here and then click Sonic Locator.


Their junior burgers are similar to McDonalds but MUCH better. Their onion rings are the best fast food onion rings anywhere. BUT THEIR STRAWBERRY SLUSH is to die for, there are REAL strawberries in there that sit at the bottom till you're finished, then you dig them out with your straw or a spoon. My son in law worked at one for years and can attest to their cleanliness. (he was an assistant manager). We go there all the time. Just about anything on the menu is great, but their new salads are to die for.....


For the second time in a week the O'Fallon IL Sonic was out of Onion Rings. I think the manager needs to address the problem! Also, starting the 1st of July they changed the menu and removed the Steak Sandwich! Again one of my favorite items!

Please, let's get the Steak Sandwich back and can we try to not run out of onion rings!


I would like to know what the number for the complaint line is or what the e-mail is for complaints. We have the worst sonic ever here.


the sonic sunrise is the best if you are looking for a good morning drink.


Bobby, there is no phone number except they always refer you to the one you have a complaint with. Unfortunately, all the Sonics by me (Rowlett, Texas) don't care about the customers. The carhops help themselves to the tips. One took a twenty dollar bill as a tip! The order is always messed up. They never get it right! The manager/owner owns all the sonics by me! He has a lousy attitude!


I am an associate/asst.manager at Sonic in Virginia Beach, Va. my store location is Holland Rd.

There is a number to call corporate for complaints. What happens is this: you phone in to corporate, the hear your complaint and then send an email to the store location for the owner/partner to read. If you have a good General Mgr/partner there, you should recieve a call at home from them saying sorry to you and offering you free food for your next visit.

There is no excuse for anyone to have a bad Sonic experience. The food is supposed to be served hot, fresh, and made to order.

If you have any questions, call my Sonic at 757-306-0531 and ask for a manager or me if available.


I have an old Sonic menu here: http://happyhomemaker.blogspot.com/2004/09/posted-by-hello.html

Oklahoma City


Hello im doing a project for college ,i have to write a business plan for a business of choice and chosee sonic the only problem is i need the menu prices to compleye it<< please anyone help email e @ sillygal000@hotmail.com
or @ explosivething04@aol.com

thanxxxxxxxx a bunch


I grew up in Oklahoma and watched Sonic grow from a small chain to a huge southwest chain. Im glad they are buiding stores in California now. I have freinds in the east coast who see thier ads on ESPN and want to try them.

I live in East Texas now and they are building them in many small towns, even replacing the Dairy Queens as the teen hangout there. Thier Hot Dogs arent that great alone but if you add chili, cheese or onions they are an awesome but very sloppy treat. I love thier Cherry cokes and especally thier onion rings!


Sonic is always doing things new and better than before. We try to promote a new idea or product at affordable prices and very high quality. The end result is unique creations and wonderfully delicious food stuffs.

--Andrew (Assoc. Mgr.)-- store 4302


My wife just loves their limeaide. Any clues to how to make one or what is in them?

Jon Macy

I really enjoy the food on Sonic's menu. I just wish the menu was easier to follow and was the same menu at every sonic.

I wish Sonic would try a different advertising campaign. I feel embarrassed for them every time I see those 2 bad actors trying to be funny. They aren't even close to being funny, and they don't really deliver much of a message. Can anyone reading this remember what the message is? I didn't think so.


Preston Williams

I am curious as to who handles employee background investigations for sonic. Recently, a Sonic in the 1400 block of Telephone Road, Moore, Oklahoma was burglarized by one of their own employees. I ckecked on this embloyed who had a prior felony conviction for Pointing a Firearm, and other criminal convictions. If Sonic is interested in better quality background investigations, please contact Preston Williams Detective Agency at the above email address.


How to make a limeade? Simple. We, at Sonic, do the following: Take proper cup size, fill half with ice, take two limes, squeeze into cup. Place the limes in cup, add sprite to fill the cup. There you go, you have a limeade. For a cherry or a strawberry one, simply add cherry syrup (the type used in shushes or snow cones ) and a cherry on top or the real strawberries.

As for whom does back ground checks, that is up to the hiring manager. The store should do as much as a back ground check to ensure the safety of the crew members and the guests, however, this was an isolated incident and it is not common Sonic practice or policy. Not to be rude or discouraging, but Sonic usually does their own checks. I am sure you can find a store in the state that would help you out though.

-Andrew, Associate Manager, Store 4302
-Store #757-306-0531


To Jon, The main reason why there are different menus are that the Sonic locations you have visited were either franchisees, or that the store was having difficulty maintaining their POP's( the menu board posters ).

As for the marketing.....We will leave that to the corporation. Trust me when I say that sales have increased dramatically this year since the massive advertising campaign.They are doing something right.

-Andrew, Associate Mangager, Store #4302
-Store # 757-306-0531

crystal albright

i live in monterey ca. what is the nearest sonic to me?


I live in San Diego, CA and realy miss the Super-Sonic Jalapeno Bacon Cheeseburgers I would get when I lived in Texas. I see a lot of Sonic commercials on TV here, but the nearest location I can find online is 4 hrs away. Is there any plans for Sonic to come to San Diego and compete with In-N-Out & all the burrito joints in town? However there does seem to be a huge disparity between franchise quality.

Ken Dyson

I have been a long time customer of the Sonic on Whiskey Road in Aiken, SC. I and my wife have become addicted to the fruit slushes. Hers is Lemon-Berry and mine is Strawberry. We have after drinking many of them have decided on exactly how we want them fixed. Mt wife likes her lemon peel finely chopped but not to a extreme size that will go up a straw. My wife and I like out slushes filled tp 2/3rds of the way on a Rt. 44 cup, and regular slush the rest of the way. I have gone and gotten them many times, sometimes they would charge extra for the strawberries and sometimes they wouldn't. I don't care if the cost of the slushie is about a dollar fifty, or three dollars or even five dollars each. I want the slushie made the way my wife and I order it. we have NEVER complained about the prices of the food and drink we we ordered. To us it is a "no issue" matter. Last Tuesday afternoon (1-11-05) I ordered two of our favorite slushies made just the way we wanted them. What I got was to me a rudely insulting manager of the resturant complaining of my order and stating I am the only one who orders slushes in this manner. (I have always paid extra for the extra strawberries ranging from 75 cents to a dollar over the menu price of the drink.) He told me if he knew of anyone selling those slushes with extra strawberries without charging for them, they would be fired. From his manner of talking to me I could tell he thought little of me as a very regular Sonic customer. (Just check the over 200 mints they always have on top of their drinks that I personally don't like and stash in the storage area of the arm rest on my truck. My wife has about half that number in her car door compartments.) The whole bottom line is I was insulted by the manager, and still didn't get the drinks prepared the way they were ordered!!!!! Do I want to go back to the Sonic where I was instuled and we have spent so much money?? NOT VERY LIKELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Davis

Well i work at a Sonic Drive-In in Ky and you need to shut the Louisville Chain Down cause the other night i was working and roaches crawled out of the lettuce and other workers were still using it.
I'm glad I'm an employee cause i know better than to eat at any Sonic cause the sonic safe serv program is a joke.
Anyone can pass a health inspection and an audit.
Well after today I'm leaving cause Sonic is not what is use to be when i started 9 years ago.


Wow. I have been off a while, you know hard at work and getting few days off...Anyway...I can see that some are not very happy about a few things. They can all be solved quickly and efficiently.

Mr. Dyson,
It is plain and simple, call the corporate number on your OrderMatics and your local health department. As for you were saying that the Sonic Serve Safe is a joke, I disagree. Yes, it may be easy, but it is recognized by most state health agencies. Meaning, if you have a ServeSafe certificate, you can operate a store and serve food products in your state, and most places. It is a very good thing to have if a person was staying in food services. I do agree that it is very disappointing to hear about a Sonic that is dirty and poorly managed, but as I said, a call to the right people would solve most of your problems.

Crystal Albright,
Your closest Sonic is In Modesto....1420 MCHENRY AVENUE
(209) 525-8795

TRACY, CA 95034
(209) 834-8108

If anyone has any questions at all ask me or call the corporation.

-Andrew, Associate Mangager, Store #4302
-Store # 757-306-0531


I would love to find a Sonic around me. I live in the riverside area. Is there any way to locate the info on locations of one around me?


Yes you can. I am not sure what Riverside you are refering to, but you can visit the Sonic Drive-In website and go to the Sonic locator to find one near you. it is complete with a "map quest."

-Andrew, Associate Mangager, Store #4302
-Store # 757-306-0531


O'k, I heard much talk about the Sonic Burger scene from my sister in Kansas City, MO. And wondered what's the BIG deal. A burger is a burger... AND??? However, yesterday, I had the pleasure of stopping in the Drive-In at a Sonic in Modesto, CA off the Briggsmore exit. Wow! unbelievable... not only was the carport service GREAT doing rush hour... but the food could sure make you SMILE. I had the lightly breaded Chicken Toaster Meal with Cola. And because they had so many different & unique slushes and milk shakes, it was hard to make up my mind... I wanted to try them ALL. I finally settled on the "Reese's Peanut Butter Shake." My only desription is "Heavenly." O.k so now, I am back at my home base which is Santa Clara, CA. And I am desperately trying to find the nearest SONIC scene to me ASAP so I can try everything! This is how I run upon this blog and could not but help to add my 2 cents. Boy! my mouth is watering for a Sonic. Therefore, during my travels up to Bakersfield, CA... I will make Modesto, CA a frequent stop so I can go down my list of tasty & unique shakes that are not found any where else. you Go... SONIC!... Your menu is AWESOME! You have just become my new best friend. And I have tried all the others with my latest favorite BI-BO, I have long since given up on MCD, BK, JIB, Carl's,... SONIC is IN! You have a GOOD THING. My mouth says WOW!


i worked at a sonic in tennessee,loved it alot.but when the store manager resigned,and he hired the new guy who ha sonic experience i left,he didnt want to work,it left me running the kitchen,so i left he treated people horribly,any way,my sister told me after i left,he stopped having pest control come in!and ever sence,ive been tryin to find a number to corprate,becuase i still know some car-hops that work there and tell me what a horrible.horrible man he is,so please,if you know the number to corprate id love to have it,so i can stop this evil horrible man!


I went through our local sonic drive thru here in Burlington North Carolina. The girl at the window proceeded to dump a whole route 44 cherry coke on me which in turn soaked my two week old 150 dollar cell phone and now my phone wont even turn on. I told the girl to put it in a carrier since it was so large and it flipped out of the carrier and landed all over me. She looked at me in a smug way and said....do you need a napkin...HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH LIQUID IS IN ONE OF THESE CUPS...I said ..no a TOWEL would be nice. so she hands me one and then proceeds to tell me how much I owed her for the drink and food. I was appalled. I called and asked for the management and told him what happened he said he would send me some food coupons. What is that going to do to replace my phone. I just called him back again told him i was going to call coporate and he said that he would talk to his area supervisor but doubt that they would replace my phone. He also said the "teenager" at the window said I was the one that dropped it. This is a total lie. I didnt even have my hands on the drink or carrier as of yet. Whatever happened to "the customer is always right"? If anyone has any suggestions out there than please let me know. I am about to hire an attorney to take care of this matter. Its not so much the cost of the phone now but at the shotty attitude that was given to me.


id go and get an attorney,because the car hop dropped it on you,didnt seem to really care,abd kinda laughed about it.if i was manager there.id mke the car-hop apologize then fire her for being so rude and arrogant to a customer and wouldnt charge you for the drink,but you should see if you could get insurance on your phone,that way next time(which hopefully nothing will)sometime does happen to your phone that way your coverd!and for the record,when i worked at sonics i did care about the customers.i would have bent over backwords to make sure you were happy and took money outta my own pocket to make sure you were happy.


I live in Beloit,WI and we don't have a Sonic here. It drives me crazy because I love Sonic and we always see commercials!!


hello. does anyone know if there are any plans for a future sonic in san diego, ca? the nearest 1 to us is in el centro, ca & the only time we're out there is when we're at the glamis sand dunes or buttercup. our family & friend's really like the sonic in el centro & we would be very happy if someone can bring a couple of them out to san diego, after all we see the sonic commercials advertised on our local cable channels in san diego & it's frustrating that the nearest one's are 2 hours away from us in el centro or anaheim.


i just love sonic......their food is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


I leave for a few weeks and look what happens...

To start off, anyone that wishes to find sonic locations can go to the website: www.sonicdrivein.com and find the one nearest to you. As for a few people asking for new locations, not only do I not have access to information like that, I doubt that they would build one in a mega metropolis. Or to say, not so quickly in undeveloped areas. As most know, there are no Sonic Drive-In's higher than Virginia as of this time.

As for the 'legal' problem, I fail to see the logic...being a manager, I have heard it all. Spilling drinks on and in customers cars happens very frequently. This can happen at any restaurant. The correct response would be that the manager give your purchase free of charge, and if there were any additional troubles, call the area supervisor. Suing the store over a 150 dollar phone is pointless. Can you prove anything that you claim? It would likely be thrown out of court. Do not get me wrong...I do sympathize. It is just that over reacting will solve nothing. Perhaps the carhop does need to be terminated...maybe not, we all make mistakes.

-Andrew, Associate Manager, Store 4302
-Store #757-306-0531


On April 1st 2005 at 9:00pm I tried to call in an order to the sonic here in town, well I called 10 different times each time letting the phone ring 30 times. On the tenth call it rang 50 times the phone was then answered and layed down apperently, because I could hear the workers in the back ground talking and answering the switchboard. Finally on my 11th call they answered asked if they could take my order and when I questioned them about not answering or answering and laying down the phone I was told sorry we were really busy. Well I'm sorry that
is not a good enough excuse. I worked at the sonic in high school and we had a certain time limit to answer the phone and the switchboard and get the orders out so use this sob story on someone else. This sonic is the worest one ever, this has happened a few times like this, and then half the time the order isn't even right when you do order. I wish someone would start a number to call for complaints because I am tired of getting this type of service.



I understand you. You have full right to be upset. Do understand though that during a period of extreme business, you can not expect them to be able to answer the phone. I do understand however, that if you called as many times as you said, that they should have answered. There is a number to call...you can find it on the menu boards at any Sonic Drive-In or you can call: 1-800-GOSONIC.

-Andrew, Associate Manager, Store 4302
-Store #757-306-0531


I can understand being busy at the Sonic as I said earlier I have worked at The Sonic here before. But this wasn't the first time this has happened, and this is a small town so I sent my brother to the Sonic to place our order and I continued to call, when I called him to tell him I had gotten through he had just pulled on to the lot and informed me that there was a total of 4 cars there, so this shouldn't have happened. I have worked in lots of fast food places and know how busy things can get, but there is no excuse for them to pick up the phone and lay it down and never say anything and then the line being busy for 10 mins. I'm sure as a manger you would be upset of your employees had done this!? I could have understood better if they would have asked me to hold for a minute because they were busy.


My grandchildren and I make regular trips through Mcminnville,Tn.We decided to stop at the sonic there,since it is usually one of their favorite places.I ordered A ham and egg toaster,my grandson ordered A coney with everything.the wait was about 15 min.and when it arrived the toaster had jalopina peppers and onions on it,the coney had nothing on it but mustard.WE called for A curbgirl,and after another 15 min she came out.we explained what the problem was .she took the sandwiches back and twenty min. later returned .this time the toaster only had ham on it,and the coney had mustard,Alot of mustard but nothing else.We requested to see the manager,but after another 20 min.noone came back.I pressed the button again and asked for my money back.Ten min. later A girl returned my money and left.I plan to persue this in any way possible to try and avoid letting someone else get caught in A sloppy dump like that'


I completely understand you. In my store, a manager usually answers the phone. It is common place for the manager to be the most likely one to answer it. Basically I am saying that you were most likely speaking to a manager at the time. Yes, I would be upset if my crew had done this, but as I said, a manager usually answers the telephone.

I really do understand your complaint. It is unexceptable for a guest to wait as much as you did for service...in fact, it would seem you had not received service at all. As stated before in past posts, you can call the corporation and maybe it would solve the inconvenience.

-Andrew, Associate Manager, Store 4302
-Store #757-306-0531


where did the idea of giving out mints with an order come about? i was just wondering, i think that its a neat idea.


I am not sure where the idea came from, but it has been used to effectively suppress the "after breath" of your meal. I am sure you can email Sonic Drive-In for more answers.

-Andrew, Associate Manager, Store 4302
-Store #757-306-0531


The old sonic menu that was posted a long way up. . .
How old is it, b/c I have one at home on my wall that I got when I was a carhop, 2 years ago, from my boss. . . $ 0.35 for a burger great. . .but is it worth anything?


That is the link she posted.


The very worst Sonic in the entire country is in Perryville, Arkansas. You can't get an order right there if you hand write it and hand it to them in person. They have the stupidest, most inept idiots working there that I have ever seen and I have spent my last dollar there. I have complained over a dozen times and nothing has changed. I am seriously considering getting a petition to see if we can get this Sonic closed down. I have had at least 35 people tell me that they will sign it and that they know many more who will, too. I love the Lemon-Berry fruit slushes and 95% of the time that I order one here, I get a lemon-less, strawberry-less slush and that is after asking for extra lemon. Tonight I ordered a Lemon-Berry slush and I got a CherryLimeade Slush, and that is at least the third time that has happened. When you live in a very small town and anxiously await the arrival of a very well known fast food chain, it is more than disappointing to have one of such inferior service.


Hello everyone. I think that this blog is a great thing. We here at Sonic value our customers and any input they can provide, whether it be positive input or not. We are a very customer driven company, and I personally apologize for any bad experiences any of you may have had. Our mission statement is "To Become America's Most Loved Restaurant Brand", and we strive to live up to that standard daily. Just remember that if we don't know it's broken, we can't fix it, so i would encourage anyone with a problem to contact the working partner of that particular restaurant. I do understand that doing so is not always fruitful, but we are not perfect in choosing our staff. Remember, the customer is the boss.



If the customer is always right, then you will surely understand that I am on a mission to have the Sonic in Perryville, Arkansas shut COMPLETELY down. There is absolutely no consistency in the manner in which the orders are made.....it depends entirely on who is working at the time, and it is even worse when teenagers are on duty. If Subway can put out a sandwich the same way every time you order it, why can't Sonic?? What is so difficult about making a Lemon-Berry fruit slush and actually ADDING lemon and strawberries to it? I am in the midst of researching on getting a petition to shut down this worthless Sonic and I am not letting it go this time. I have put up with this nonsense and wrong orders for almost 2 years and I am SICK OF IT. Hire someway with a brain to work there and, by the way, one of the managers even complained that it was the WORST Sonic he had ever worked at and he asked to be transferred because he didn't want his good name associated with this joke of a fast food drive in.


I went to sonic in Senatobia Mississippi and I order a coke on an accident so I asked the lady to bring me a diet coke instead and she said shure it want be a problem selling the coke I already fixed for you. So I am wondering how long they let soda's and other drinks set up before they sell them. Then another day I went there I order a large water with a combo meal and the manager (charlie) took my order and kept asking me while laughing stupidly are you shure you want a water. I think that is disrespectful. But n-e-ways in my oppinion I believe our sonic sucks and I hope health department shuts them down.


I live in Elkin N.C. There is one Sonic resturant here. This Sonic in Elkin is absolutely the worst Sonic I have ever seen.The service is terrible and the food is the same.The other night we went to this establishment to get something to eat at the drive thru. No one answered. 10 minutes went by and we left. While we were waiting we observed three sonic employees in uniform in the parking lot smoking cigarettes by there cars. This is just one example of this terrible place. We like Sonic but will not go back to this one for along time

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