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Thursday, December 18, 2003


Bob S

Hank may have been a good radio announcer for SF Giants but A's lost a great TV announcer in Greg Papa.

I hope Greenwald (1) doesn't talk incessantly, (2) doesn't constantly talk about old SF Giants stories and (3) doesn't ignore the A's rich tradition and history.


I'm not a Papa fan. Too much yelling and sulking for my taste, although I appreciate his knowledge of the game. I hope he'll improve when he moves to the Giants this year.

Hank will adjust his style for TV and for the A's. He won't mention his time with the Giants. But if you're a Papa fan, you're bound to be disappointed in Hank.

Although I like the Giants announcers, having Hank Greenwald and Bill King makes me envy A's fans. I hope they'll team up occasionally, as they used to do on Warriors games decades ago.

Dave R

I have always been a Giants fan but hearing Hank is like a visit from an old friend. Now if we could just get back David Glass...

John S.

What a pleasant surprise to hear Hank last night on the A's broadcast. While I'm not an AL fan, I found myself switching between the Giants and A's games simply to hear that wonderful understated announcer.

Given his well-publicized disagreements with Larry Baer, it's obvious he'll not return to the Giants.

His best quality is his willingness to "go silent" and allow the listener to enjoy the background sounds of baseball. This is a rare quality that I wish Jon Miller would learn. Too many announcers follow the Vin Scully approach of babbling all the time.

Welcome back, Hank!

Jacquie Mikita

I think the A's have done a great dis-service to themselves by have this man as there announcer. He is obviously in love with Barry Bonds and the SF Giants. He can hardly contain himself when another team beats the A;'s in a Game. Example in the game tonight with the dreaded New York Yankees, when Gary Sheffield hit that two run homerun to tie the A's in the bottom of the ninth. Good ole Hank could hardly contain himself. I feel that if you are going to announce you need to like the team you announce or you don't do them justice. GET Rid Of the Bum. He really upsets me. He hasn,t been positive much for the A's the whole season so far. GET RID OF THE BUM.. Send him back to Barry Bonds and the Giants.


As I Giants fan I would love to have Hank back. But what does Sheffield homering for the Yankees have to do with Hank being "in love with Barry Bonds and the SF Giants"? Besides, Hank's criticism of Bonds in his book is a matter of record and is the main reason why the Giants didn't hire him back.


What is Jacquie Mikita (August 4, 2004 09:11 PM) talking about? Hank Greenwald is the best baseball annoucer I have ever heard and I have been following baseball for over thirty years. I remember when Jon Miller broke in with the A's back in the 1970's and he is still not as good as Hank Greenwald. The A's are damn lucky to have Hank Greenwald. Hank gets excited about the game of baseball period, no matter who is playing. He would get excited about home-runs and great plays by opposing teams when he was with the Giants. That is Hank's style. I did not exactly appreciate that every time then, yet that is Hank's style and it is very good for the game. Hank it is very good to have you back and to hear you again. Keep up the good work.


As an 18 year old having grown up around baseball, (my dad loved listening to games on the radio,) I often find myself enjoying the commentary on a game more than the game its self. While I wasn't around to hear Hank while he was with the Giants and I love listening to Jon broadcast, there is just nothing like an announcer who was brought up on radio and has a genuine love of the game. Keep up the good work, Hank, you bring the joy of baseball to all your listeners and fans.

Lloyd Flodin

Can I get Hank Greenwalds e-mail address?


Re the unknown Alou brothers, I always thought he was saying Skipto m'Alou


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